SG-1 Spoilers: "Continuum": Behind the Scenes

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has published more behind-the-scenes pictures of Stargate: Continuum, Brad Wright’s direct-to-DVD movie directed by Martin Wood.

Here’s Mallozzi’s commentary about his pictures in his blog (June 1, 2007):

Speaking of SG-1, I visited the Continuum set today. If you’re interested, check out the pics: Brad Wright and Martin Wood looking forward to that next shot, Golden Boy Teal’c, Brad and Jaffa reminisce about Chulak, Martin Wood and Alex Pappas discuss the next set-up, Ivon shooting VFX Supervisor Michelle Comens, Ivon shooting an insightful producer, Lawren Bancroft Wilson anxiously awaits punishment for screwing up our lunch order, not sure what the hell that is but it would look great by the fireplace, and the used car that was taken out for a test drive from a local dealer and, amusingly, broke down enroute (Salesman to client: “Well, since we’ve got a little time before the tow truck gets here, let’s talk price.”).

Spoilers for the movie have been few and far between, but Mallozzi’s candids that he’s published in his blog have given fuel for fan speculation. Join others at our Solutions On-Site Forum as we discuss the photos and the movie.

Mallozzi also mentioned that Robert C. Cooper is just about finished with his director’s cut of Stargate: The Ark of Truth, which is to conclude the Ori storyline that was started in Season Nine.