Browder Comments on Scope of "The Ark of Truth"

Browder in front of the camera during Mitchell

Several reviews and features have been published concerning Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth (some even before its official release on March 11). One recent article put out by SCI FI includes a phone interview with star Ben Browder as he talks about the “bigger” scope of Cooper’s film.

Browder feels that using 35mm rather than HD (high definition) helped give the film that bigger feel. “I think 35 looks better than HD does. The HD technology is good, but I still don’t think it’s as good as film, at least not at this juncture. So I think it looks bigger, [and] it looks better.”

Cameron Mitchell on his own in "The Ark of Truth"

Even so, the schedule for shooting the movie was almost as tight as it was while the ten-year-old show Stargate SG-1 was being produced, and the story still had to cover as much ground as possible. Unfortunately, that meant that there weren’t as many character or team moments in the film as Browder would have liked. He said, “It’s a rapid pace, but it’s a little more time than we would normally have per minute than on the series. … In order to do everything that needed to be done, we were split up quite a bit, so … there wasn’t a lot of sort of what you’d call ‘character scenes.’ We were split up and talking to each other over the radios quite a bit. [What] I would say is that I think Rob did an excellent job of giving every character something to do and giving everyone a chance to shine.”

To read the rest of Browder’s interview, please visit Ark Makes Stargate Bigger.

Concerning the “bigger scope” of the movie, a featurette covering the making of the movie from writer and director Robert C. Cooper’s point of view is included on the DVD. Portions of this featurette, entitled Uncovering The Ark of Truth, are included at SCI FI’s new webpage launched to cover the movie’s release.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth concludes the Ori storyline that was started in Season Nine, the same year that Browder joined the cast. The direct-to-DVD movie had its world premiere yesterday, March 11, in North America (Region 1). The following are the known dates for DVD releases in other parts of the world (thanks to our readers for helping put the list together):

If you’ve heard of other release dates, please leave the information in our comment section below. Thanks!

NOTE: A good “Google” search will probably yield more reviews, features, and interviews concerning the movie as time goes on. Solutions will continue to cover the movie, but more from the personal level that only these interviews can offer.


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