Small Snippets of Sights and Sounds of Stargate

The Stargate franchise is being featured in video and audio clips at several websites. Below are just a few of the small snippets of sights and sounds on offer:

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Cover art for "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" DVD

Only a few days remain for the premiere of Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth on DVD in North America on March 11. Fans can get a little taste of the movie by viewing a clip of a conversation between Teal’c and Tomin at the Amazon (US) website dedicated to the movie’s DVD, which has performed well in sales at the site, ranking #1 in several categories, including the “Movies and TV” category that covers more than just Sci-Fi.

In the UK, Sky One will be broadcasting the movie on two nights late this month: March 24 at 9pm and March 26 at 8pm. The DVD is scheduled for release on April 14, and the sales ranking at Amazon (UK) has been just as impressive as that in the US. The video clip on the movie’s page is the 10th Anniversary-The Ark of Truth DVD releases celebration.

Those attending the Supanova convention in Australia will be treated to a screening of the movie prior to its DVD release date of April 9. The two screenings are scheduled for March 28 in Melbourne and April 4 in Brisbane.

Additional internationl DVD release dates are April 23 for France and late April for New Zealand.

MGM’s Official Stargate website also has three featurettes concerning the making of the movie, and these clips include some footage from the movie. Check out Story Line of The Ark, Picking Up Where We Left Off, and Movie v. TV Show.

Stargate Atlantis

SGA Season Four Cast from an MGM graphic

MGM’s Official Stargate website is posting a series of videos taken when EXTRA!’s Jerry Penacoli visited the sets and appeared as “Genii Jerry” in Season Four’s “Harmony”. Check out Penacoli’s time with Jason Momoa, Jewel Staite, David Hewlett, and Amanda Tapping. MGM might be releasing more of these behind-the-scenes type videos in the near future.

Stargate Audio Dramas from Big Finish

There will be six audio dramas released by Big Finish this year in their “first season” (three for SG-1 and three for Atlantis), featuring the voices of Stargate stars Michael Shanks, Torri Higginson, Teryl Rothery, Claudia Black, Paul McGillion, and David Nykl. There are already plans for six more dramas for the production’s second season.

The schedule for the release of both the CDs and Internet downloads is as follows:

  • April 30: SG-1 Gift of the Gods by Sally Malcolm. Read by Michael Shanks.
  • May 30: SGA Necessary Evil by Sharon Gosling. Read by Torri Higginson.
  • June 30: SG-1 Shell Game by James Swallow. Read by Claudia Black and Michael Shanks.
  • July 30: SGA Perchance to Dream by Sally Malcolm. Read by Paul McGillion.
  • August 30: SG-1 Pathogen by Sharon Gosling. Read by Teryl Rothery.
  • September 20: SGA Zero Point by James Swallow. Read by David Nykl.
Gift of the Gods

Fans can sample the dramas online before purchasing the products. Big Finish has just added an audio snippet of Michael Shanks as he reads for the first drama to be released, “Gift of the Gods”. The snippet also features the voice of John Schwab as Lt. Hunter of SG-12. The story is set during Season Three, and in it, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Lt. Hunter must solve the mystery as to why Stargate Command is connected to an alternate reality. The 70-minute drama also features a musical score and sound effects. In addition to the drama, the CD will include a behind-the-scenes interview with Shanks.

The CDs are priced at $19.60 USD from Big Finish’s website. Amazon (UK) also has the first three CDs available for pre-order at £6.59 each (Gift of the Gods, Necessary Evil, and Shell Game).


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