SCI FI PI Interviews Christopher Judge

In the first part of a possibly three-part interview, Australia’s SCI FI Channel’s SCI FI PI talks with Stargate star Christopher Judge during his appearances at the First Contact Conventions in Sydney and Wellington. SCI FI PI wrote, “He talked about pretty much everything you could imagine, from his darkest fears, the highs (and lows) of Stargate, his experience as a writer, the two new Stargate films, his upcoming new series, Rage of Angels, all the way to golf with the kids…”

In one portion of the interview, Judge talks about writing for Stargate SG-1 and how supportive Brad Wright, Martin Wood, and John Smith were to his making the move from actor to writer. His script, “Birthright”, went before cameras with very few changes, something that rarely happens in the industry. It was Brad Wright’s support of him that finally led to his writing the pilot script for Rage of Angels, which he wrote in the four days following the announcement that SG-1 had been cancelled. Rage is meant to be a starring vehicle for Judge.

To read the first part of the interview, which covers the creation of Teal’c and how to pronounce “Jaffa” and “Goa’uld”, visit SCI FI PI: Teal’c Cuts Loose: The Ultimate Christopher Judge Interview. Make sure to check back for the rest of the interview that is soon to follow.

NOTE: Judge’s script was the pilot for an hour-long drama series for television, but recent statements from Judge and Michael Shanks, who is Judge’s production partner and co-star, have indicated that the script will be turned into a screenplay for a feature film. A television series is still possible following the making of the movie, which Shanks said he’ll be concentrating on after he’s finished filming his two episodes of Stargate Atlantis that he is currently shooting.