SGA S5 Spoilers: "The Lost Tribe"

5.11 “The Lost Tribe (Part 2)”

McKay and Daniel are caught in the middle of the war between the Wraith and another powerful race in the Pegasus Galaxy. Sheppard teams up with the Travelers to rescue the two after the Apollo falls into enemy hands.


This story is a continuation of the mid-season cliffhanger, “First Contact”.

The members of Sheppard’s team are scattered.

McKay is with Dr. Daniel Jackson at a facility that belonged to Janus. There, they’ve met with an Asgard who wishes to rid the galaxy of the Wraith once and for all. He’s activated a device that Daniel tries to talk him out of using, but the Asgard insists that this must be done now. Knowing that his people are a dying race, the Asgard believes there isn’t enough time left for them to work together on another course of action.

Todd has control of the Apollo, where Ronon, Keller, Woolsey, and Major Marks are, but the ship is damaged. He’s got most of the ship’s crew accounted for (there are around two hundred crewmembers), but there are some still evading capture. Todd makes the announcement over the PA that he will begin killing some of the captured crew as long as Ronon and Keller and others remain uncaptured. He is concerned about a device he calls the “Attero device” and as long as it remains active, more and more of his alliance could be lost. One of his men, Kenny, is overseeing the damage to the ship, and they are on their way to Janus’s facility where McKay and Daniel are.

Sheppard and Zelenka are on a Travelers’ ship commanded by Katana. Her 15-year-old chief engineer Mila and Zelenka are working together to get to Janus’s facility before the Apollo does. They’re on their way to rescue McKay and Daniel, knowing that the Apollo has been taken over by Todd. Sheppard believes that if Todd gets there first, McKay and Daniel will be goners. They are trying to get as much out of the hyperdrives as they can to get there, but the ship’s systems are barely hanging together because they are made of salvaged parts. Mila’s an expert in the hyperdrive systems, having started working with this technology when she was four years old, and she has confidence in her engineering, but Zelenka is not so sure.

Who will get to the facillity first, and who will survive the battle that is sure to come?

Guest Characters

  • Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks)
  • Dr. Radek Zelenka (David Nykl)
  • Maj. Kevin Marks (Martin Christopher)
  • Todd (Christopher Heyerdahl)
  • Kenny (one of Todd’s men)
  • Mila (15 years old)
  • Katana


  • Written by Martin Gero
  • Directed by (TBD)


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  1. Well done as usual Debi! I can’t believe the Asgard aren’t dead yet (as Monty Python would say). 🙂 That means my wiki articles will have to be edited yet again!

  2. Maybe these Asgard were saved by Janus in his timeship somehow. If they’re the new enemy, well, maybe they should get their own article — especially if they aren’t referred to as the Asgard here. We had Pegasus Replicators. So, if they keep the name “Asgard”, maybe we can just call them the Pegasus Asgard.

    Gee. I wonder what RCC thinks of this?!?!?

  3. Perhaps the Asgard is Hermiod from the Daedalus. (Or possibly this description is false. Hopefully not though because I love the Asgard).

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