Shanks Plays Spy in USA's "Burn Notice"

Michael Shanks has landed a recurring role in USA Network’s Burn Notice, starting his appearances in the sixth episode of the second season, “Bad Blood” (according to MSOL).

Shanks recently told fans at the Chevron 7 convention held this weekend in Northampton, England, that his character is named Victor and will have a multi-episode arc. He had to leave the convention early in order to get to Miami, Florida, where the program is filmed.

MSOL also notes that Shanks has canceled his appearance at the upcoming Réunion Stellaire convention scheduled for June 27-29.

USA Network’s Burn Notice premiered last summer. It’s the story of an American spy named Michael Westen who suddenly finds himself “burned”, or blacklisted. He was dumped in Miami and has to create a new life for himself while trying to find out who burned him and why. Each episode finds Michael and his friends and family (mother and brother) involved with all types of cases to help people, using their unique contacts and talents. Visit USA Network website for the show to find out more about it. Residents of the US can watch the entire first season (12 episodes) online at Burn Notice: Full Episodes.

Shanks’ new role, Victor, is also a spy and is described in the casting breakdown published by Spoiler TV Blog:

38-50, Male, Caucasian. Victor has a Dry, Witty, Sarcastic, Funny sense of humor much like the character of Michael. Victor is a spy who has been working for the Burn Notice Organization (BNO) for some time. A well-traveled operative, who’s seen and done it all, Victor is every bit Michael’s equal when it comes to knowledge and ability. But while Michael has some regard for human life, Victor is a wild card, who has no qualms about leaving collateral damage in his wake. Victor encourages Michael to embrace his new life as a burned spy. Later, Victor tries to kill Michael. … SEEKING ACTORS WITH MAJOR GUEST STAR CREDITS. MAJOR RECURRING ROLE. MUST BE AVAILABLE June 15-25 & September 11-October 11, 2008.

The second season of Burn Notice will premiere on the USA Network on July 10, 2008, at 10pm ET. Shanks’ first episode will most probably premiere August 14.

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