SGA "Search and Rescue" Premieres Tonight

Carter and Keller search the debris for survivors.

Tonight on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States at 10 pm ET/PT, Stargate Atlantis returns with “Search and Rescue”, the conclusion to last season’s cliffhanger. Who survived the collapse of Michael’s compound? Who will get to the survivors first: Col. Carter and her rescue teams in their puddle jumpers or Michael and his hybrids in his cruiser? And what about Teyla and her baby?

There are a great many articles on various websites heralding the return of Atlantis for its fifth season. Many of them are the result of a conference call with executive producer Joseph Mallozzi and new regular cast member Robert Picardo. Check out the growing list of these articles in our Solutions Blog, Mallozzi and Picardo Discuss S5 and Beyond article.

For those who want a sneak peek at the new season, here’s a YouTube video of the new opening credits (this link the courtesy of Robert Picardo’s official website):

And check out the Stargate Wiki for the episode guide to “Search and Rescue” for even more tidbits about tonight’s premiere. This year’s episode guides have been expanded to include links to episode stills and behind-the-scenes photos. You’ll find our usual collection of spoilers and production notes from such places as Mallozzi’s weblog, audition sides, interviews, and magazine articles.

After viewing the premiere, please return to Solutions to discuss the episode and cast your vote. Not only can you leave comments below, but you can also find us in our on-site forum and LJ companion.

[Episode still courtesy of Andreas of Repro Images.]

2 thoughts on “SGA "Search and Rescue" Premieres Tonight”

  1. Woolsey as the director of Atlantis…..oh how this storyline is just going to annoy me. I hate that man is entire character is sooooo annoying.

  2. I think that Woolsey’s annoying nature is what is being banked on by the producers/writers. He’ll be someone who brings up the tension and conflict, something Joe Flanigan said was hard to produce with Carter’s being the commanding officer and outranking Sheppard.

    And, I guess, in a way, we’re back to McKay’s being the leading scientist and Sheppard the leading military expert.

    I enjoy Picardo’s acting, and I actually can see where Woolsey comes from a lot of the time. He’s probably the most realistic of the Stargate characters.

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