"The Seed": Tested Reliance

Dr. Carson Beckett in \"The Seed\"

Tonight on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States at 10 pm ET/PT, the second episode of Season Five of Stargate Atlantis, “The Seed”, presents how individuals rely on each other, the city, and protocol to work and survive in the ever-so-unpredictable and often-hostile Pegasus Galaxy.

The reliance that Richard Woolsey, the new commander of the base, has on by-the-book procedures and protocol is tested when the city comes under its first life-threatening crisis since the change in leadership: Dr. Jennifer Keller is taken over by some kind of Wraith-engineered biological organism. Everyone in the Expedition relies on her to be there to help them when they are sick or injured, but who takes care of her when she becomes incapacitated? They call upon their leading expert in Wraith physiology, Dr. Carson Beckett, by removing him from the stasis chamber, but there’s a problem with this in that his reliance on the drug that Michael engineered still exists, making his time out of stasis dangerous and potentially fatal. And, what will the Expedition do when their reliance can no longer be placed upon Sheppard’s team and the city itself when these, too, are overcome?

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[Episode still courtesy of Andreas of Repro Images.]