Third SG-1 Movie Filming in January?

In two of his recent interviews, Stargate star Christopher Judge has stated that if all goes well (i.e., Stargate: Continuum sells well), the third Stargate SG-1 movie, written by Brad Wright, will begin filming in January 2009.

One of the interviews is at the French AlloCin√© Blogs website and is from Judge’s appearance at the Reunion Stellaire convention held June 27-29. The second is a video interview posted at Stargate: Continuum‘s page at and took place in London, possibly at the time of the Chevron 7 convention held June 13-15.

In the interview, the actor states, “Hopefully I’m not talking out of school here, but it’s been in the wind that we possibly may do another movie starting in January.” Pausing and laughing, Judge added, “And having said that, I may have just lost my chance to be in it!”

According to estimates given by Robert C. Cooper in an interview about the production schedule of his movie, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and Judge’s statement that it took 15 days to film Continuum, if the third movie starts filming in January, it could possibly be ready for distribution by early 2010. Cooper stated that MGM and Fox want six months to market the product, so he had to be finished with his film in October for its March release. The Ark of Truth filmed from April 17 to around May 8, 2007, but it was the creation of the visual effects in post-production that took the greatest amount of time in the production schedule.

Judge discussed Teal’c’s growth from being “O’Neill’s straight man” to showing his inner character even if the circumstances were different in Continuum. He also touches on writing and his upcoming project, Rage of Angels, which he is developing for MGM with Brad Turner (24 and Stargate SG-1) and Michael Shanks. He warns that Rage, unlike Stargate, which he believes was successful due to its storytelling, its family-friendliness, the camaraderie of the four main characters, its sense of humor, and not taking itself too seriously, will not be something for the kids to see since his character, the Archangel Gabriel, called “the Wrath of God,” is “divined by God to basically be a serial killer.”

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[Thanks to jenks for the heads-up on the video interview.]

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  1. In the new issue of Sci Fi Now Magazine, these an interview with Chris and Amanda, that end with Chris saying “I just heard last week that there might be another one ready to go in January”.

  2. Thanks for the additional source. Seems Christopher Judge is excited about the prospect of a new movie as he’s the only one who has mentioned January so far. Hopefully, there will be an official announcement soon (that includes a title)!

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