Additional Casting Calls for Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe Banner from MGM

Spoiler TV has posted two new casting calls for the new Stargate Universe television series, set to begin filming February 4 with the pilot episode entitled “Air”:

Male. 50s. 60s. Distinguished Senator who is the political oversight to this Stargate project trying to dial the 9th Chevron. Also the proud loving father of Chloe Walker his daughter and political aids… GUEST STAR, 2 EPISODE ARC. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. STAR NAMES ONLY.

Senator Walker is the father of series regular Chloe Walker, formerly known as Chloe Carpenter. As indicated in Chloe’s character breakdown, Senator Walker will die a tragic death, possibly during the attack on the base where the Stargate connects to the Destiny through the Ninth Chevron. If they’ve changed the names of the characters, however, it is also possible they’ve changed storylines as well and the good senator might survive to return to the show another day, although the “2-episode arc” detail kind of supports the death scenario. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

30-50. An accountant with the international oversight body that governs the Stargate program. Now the highest ranking member of that body left stranded on the ship, she has a false sense of importance and superiority to the other military and civilian population along with a stubborn way of asserting it.sptv050769..GUEST STAR, POSSIBLY RECURRING, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

Wray was talked about by creative consultant Joseph Mallozzi in his blog as an important secondary character. His description: “I also think Wray has a lot of potential for getting under Young and co.’s skin. She’s a definite love her or hate her type of character, one who’ll prove the bane to many a series regular, and probably some viewers as well.”

In addition to signing up Robert Carlyle to portray Dr. David Rush, casting has also been completed for Col. Everett Young, Lt. Jared Scott (formerly Nash), Eli Hitchcock, and Marine Ron Stasiak. The possibility also exists that they’ve selected their Chloe and Tamara Johanson (aka Jon) as well. Mallozzi said that casting announcements will be officially released very soon.