SGU Spoilers: "Earth"

Spoiler Warning

This article contains spoilers for the episode “Earth”, written by Martin Gero. It is currently slated to be the sixth episode in the first season of Stargate Universe.


The casting sides for DALE STROM call for O’NEILL (is this our Maj. General Jack O’Neill from Homeworld Security fame, played by Richard Dean Anderson?), WILLIAMS, YOUNG (Justin Louis), and WRAY (Ming-Na). The majority of STROM’s dialogue is with WRAY.

YOUNG and O’NEILL are discussing a problem that YOUNG believes they have some time to solve and O’NEILL supports YOUNG’s position as the one best to weigh the risks of survival.

In a park in Washington (D.C.?), STROM and WRAY discuss how WRAY is adjusting to her new circumstances (stranded on the Destiny). STROM tells her she’s their eyes and ears. WRAY knows that STROM had a hand in passing her over for promotion four times, so there isn’t any love lost between the two. STROM wants WRAY to push the solution that is being offered that could see the people aboard the Destiny return home, but she knows it is highly risky and could get them killed instead. This solution is experimental, but if successful, could enable the dialing to the Destiny without another Icarus-type planet (the Icarus Base was attacked in the series premiere “Air” and was lost). Not only do they hope to send the intended team, most likely led by COL. TELFORD (Lou Diamond Phillips), to the ship, but they hope that they can re-engineer one of Earth’s ships using the data (perhaps as a substitute base in the Milky Way). They have a great discovery on their hands now that they know where the ninth chevron leads.

WRAY realizes that RUSH would have been the better choice in discussing this solution, but STROM confides that the IOA believes that RUSH doesn’t really want to come home and sees their circumstances as a way to take a shot at leading the expedition. WRAY believes that COL. YOUNG will keep control, but STROM believes that this situation could improve WRAY’s vie for power on the ship. If WRAY is in charge, then so is the IOA.

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