Sci Fi Wire: Shanks on Stargate Universe

Dr. Daniel Jackson

SCI FI WIRE has a brief interview with Michael Shanks about his cameo appearance in the series premiere of Stargate Universe.

In interviews past, Shanks has always been sensitive to the needs of the new cast. He repeats that sentiment in this recent interview, “It’s a cameo. It’s a popping in, popping out kind of thing. They’ve got a lot of cast that they definitely need to facilitate. Certainly the Stargate audience knows my character and Richard’s character and Amanda’s character and the others that show up very well. So they have to spend some time developing their world and fleshing out their characters. So I’m just a face.”

We here at Solutions don’t agree that Dr. Daniel Jackson is “just a face”—he’s much, much more than that to us—but we do understand that the newest addition to the franchise is a very different animal from its predecessors and needs to develop in its own unique way. Shanks explained, “I don’t expect to be popping in [again] anytime in the near future. Because it is such a different tone to the show, I don’t know how disruptive it would be to have characters from a different-feel Stargate show come in. It’s just a very different aesthetic to it and a very different emotional dynamic to it, that it would be very strange to see familiar characters in this environment, at least initially.”

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Stargate Universe is currently filming in Vancouver and is slated for a fourth quarter premiere on the Syfy Channel (most likely, early October).