David Hewlett to Write, Star in New TV Movie

David Hewlett (MGM)

Based upon his twittered tidbits, David Hewlett has a new development deal with MGM to write and star in a feature-length TV pilot that can also stand alone as a Sci Fi (SyFy? not sure) movie. From his tweets, it appears David has only to sign the contract for it to be in place. He was excited and confident enough about it that he and his wife, Jane Loughman, went off to buy matching iPhones in celebration.

While he and his family have been living in Los Angeles, he tweeted that the movie/pilot will be filmed in Vancouver and the “wilds of BC”. Describing it in a nutshell, he said it would be “Midnight Run with aliens instead of mobsters.” Midnight Run starred Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin and was about an accountant (Grodin) on the run from bounty hunters (De Niro), the FBI, and the mafia. We can assume David will play the character on the run, and an “arrogant genius” to boot.

As for co-stars, Joe Flanigan raised the question in a recent fan Q&A whether fans would like to see him, David, and Chris Judge together in a TV series. We have no idea if he was referring to this project of David’s, and it’s important to note David might not have control over the casting. In fact it would be highly unusual if he did!

Here are David’s relevant tweets, in time order from the past few days:

MGM paperwork just completed…Here we go! First, self-gifting of new iphone to celebrate…Jane gets one too for some reason 😉

MGM deal for writing a new feature length TV pilot, which can stand alone as a Sci Fi movie, or be the start of a whole new series for me!

damn right! Want to shoot in the wilds of B.C. for some of it if I have my way…with a paid crew

Reading over contract is going to take longer than writing the film! Iphone box just for scale …honest;-) http://yfrog.com/7grootlzj

basically it’s Midnight Run with aliens instead of mobsters…and an arrogant genius that should make Stargate fans happy! 😉

We look forward to hearing more about David’s project as it develops, and of course we’ll report it here!