Stargate Universe Premieres Oct. 6 on Sky 1

According to the Glasgow Daily Record, Stargate Universe will be making its UK premiere on Sky One on Tuesday, October 6.

Along with the announcement of the UK premiere, Robert Carlyle was interviewed about his decision to star in a cable television series and to leave Scotland to live in Vancouver for nine months.

“I have not left Scotland,” Carlyle reassures his fellow countrymen. “I am going to go back in November and I don’t start this again until next March so I’ll have a good five months at home. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a very patriotic guy, in terms of my Scottishness and my roots. But, to be honest with you, at this point in Britain I’m quite happy not to be there at the moment because economically it’s f***ed.”

Concerning his decision to take the role of Dr. Nicholas Rush, Carlyle says, “It’s been very, very easy for me. Everyone on Stargate Universe has been very welcoming from the beginning and kept me up on the plot and they’ve given me a great platform to express myself and I’m enjoying it.”

Visit the Daily Record for the complete interview.

Stargate Universe is making its two-hour world premiere on the Syfy Channel in the United States at 9 PM on Friday, October 2. It will then take its regular slot at 9 PM on Fridays. Also starting in October, the show will be broadcast by Canada’s SPACE channel.