SGU 1.0 DVD Set Coming February 9, 2010 (Updated)

TV Shows on DVD has announced that the first ten episodes of Season One of Stargate Universe will be released on a special edition DVD set on February 9, 2010, entitled SGU 1.0.

The set will contain three discs and feature lots of extras, including episode commentaries, webisodes, actor portraits, and video diaries.

From TV Shows on DVD, the episode list and who MIGHT be doing the commentaries include:

  1. Air (Part I & II) Extended Version (commentary by Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque)
  2. Air (Part III) Extended Version
  3. Darkness
  4. Light (commentary by Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque)
  5. Water (commentary by director William Waring and actor Louis Ferreira)
  6. Earth (commentary by Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque)
  7. Time (commentary by writer/director/executive producer Robert C. Cooper and actor David Blue)
  8. Life (commentary by Ming-Na and Brian J. Smith)
  9. Justice (commentary by director William Waring and actors Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque and Jamil Walker Smith)

Extra Features:

  • Kino Video Diaries
    • Kino 101 with Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper
    • Young “Get that thing out of here”
    • Destiny Tour
    • Eli: Mess with Greer, Scott and TJ
    • Spencer and Brody sneaking smokes
  • Destiny SML
    • Ming-Na
    • David Blue
    • Alaina Huffman
  • Stargate 101: Presented by Dr. Daniel Jackson
    • The Stargate
    • The GOA ‘ULD
    • Hyperspace
    • The Ancients
    • Ascension
    • Lucian Alliance
  • Kino Video Diaries
    • Voyeur Scott and Chloe’s conversation
    • Eli: Chloe interviewed in her room
    • James in the Shower
    • Kino Race
    • Inman makes alcohol concoction then hears explosion
    • Brody after Riley accident
    • Brody and Riley try on space suits
    • Voyeur Scott and Chole’s embrace by window
  • Destiny SML
    • Robert Carlyle
    • Louis Ferreira
    • Lou Diamond Phillips
    • Brian J Smith
    • Elyse Levesque
    • Jamil Walker Smith
  • Kino Video Diaries
    • Favorite meal bit
    • Riley Diary
    • Park Diary

The Region 1 DVD Set Technical Features: “Episodes will be provided in Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1), with English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Spanish Dolby Surround audio tracks; subtitles will be English, French and Spanish. Suggested retail price is $49.98 US, or $59.98 CAN.”

This is the first time that a Stargate show has been released as a half-season set. Some Twitter buzz had it that it’s a consolation for both the interrupted season (SGU will return in April 2010 on Syfy with the last ten episodes of the season) and for those who need to catch up.

In the meantime, we still have one more episode before the break: “Justice”, episode 10, will be shown on Friday, December 4, at 9 PM ET on Syfy.

ETA: TV Shows on DVD has updated their release announcement to include the Blu-ray version and this version contains much more material in its 2-disc set. Make sure to visit TV Shows on DVD for all the details!