Judge on "Stargate: Revolution", "Rage of Angels", "The Saint"

Christopher Judge
Christopher Judge

Earth’s Mightiest Fansites has an exclusive video interview with Stargate star Christopher Judge in which the actor and writer talks about two upcoming projects: Rage of Angels and the remaking of The Saint.

But first, Judge updates his fans on the status of the third SG-1 movie, Stargate: Revolution. All the actors had signed and were ready to go, but then “the world changed” and the movie was put on hold due to the financial concerns that MGM had. He hasn’t heard anything else about it and believes it will be difficult to get everyone back together after all of this time.

Concerning his script, Rage of Angels, Judge said that Starz Entertainment bought the concept from MGM, and Rome creator Bill MacDonald has been brought in as a partner. The premise of Rage has changed somewhat, and now involves Archangel Gabriel’s coming to Earth during modern times to herald the beginning of the Tribulations as depicted in the Bible’s book of Revelation. Judge has taken creative license in his interpretation of Genesis and Revelation, and his show is not meant to present any particular religion, but rather to challenge our concepts of right and wrong using a what-if scenario when previously incorporeal beings become corporeal, and thus subject to all of the sensations and temptations that humanity must endure daily. Starz has encouraged Judge to “make it darker”; therefore, this new series will not be for the family, but for adults who wish to explore concepts such as violence and sex and the exercise of free will, or choice. In the interview, Judge uses some “adult language” (i.e., “four-letter words”), so be warned.

Currently, the plan is to begin filming Rage of Angels in the fall. There is no mention of Michael Shanks, Judge’s former production partner, and it appears, yet is still unconfirmed, that Shanks may no longer be attached to the project to portray Lucifer.

MacDonald also has the rights to the remake of The Saint, and Judge is set to begin filming this project in June. The Saint is the story of Simon Templar, a “modern-day Robin Hood” who steals from rich criminals and “keeps the loot for himself,” according to the plot summary at IMDb for the original television series that starred Roger Moore. A movie remake was produced in 1997 and starred Val Kilmer in the title role. Judge says that he’ll need to “get back in shape” for his role in this new project.

To listen to the full interview, make sure to visit Earth’s Mightiest Fansites.

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