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Vanessa James in PAIN
Julia Benson won a Leo Award for her performance in PAIN (MGM/Movie Web)
Julia Benson, Stargate Universe co-star and Leo Award winner for her performance in “Pain”, has answered lots of fan questions that were submitted to executive producer Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog. The Q&A is quite extensive, so you’ll need to visit the website for the complete treat, but here are a few highlights:

I have always wanted to act or perform in some capacity. I grew up in competitive dance and always loved being on stage. As soon as I did a play, there was nothing else that I wanted to do!

To get the role of James I had to go through several rounds of auditions! First I read for the character, Andrea Palmer, then I was in consideration for the role of Riley, and then they asked me to come back and read for James. I knew instantly that this was the role I wanted. It just felt right!

The hallucination scene in Pain was emotionally exhausting. You have to throw yourself in and go to a very dark place and that is incredibly challenging but also draining. It’s interesting though…you don’t realize how tired you are until the end of the night when you get home and all the adrenalin has left you!

Given the amount of screen time James has had, I think that we have seen many sides of her character. In general I think the writers do a great job of exploring the complexity of humanity in both their male and female characters.

Yes James is around in Season 2!

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