Official Stargate Magazine Closing Down

The Official Stargate Magazine will cease publication after its September/October 2010 issue, its 36th, according to an announcement in the July/August issue of the magazine (see image at right). The glossy, color magazine is produced in London by the science fiction publisher Titan Magazines and has been released bi-monthly for nearly six years. The magazine started while Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis were still on the air, and now will be outlived by Stargate Universe.

Its issues have been rich in photos, interviews, analyses, retrospectives, and news, although much of the latter has repeated what was already available on-line.

Titan Magazines is part of Titan Publishing, and its sister company Titan Books publishes the Stargate novels. There is no word from the company on why the magazine’s run is ending. Given the current difficult market for print media and magazines in particular, the publication may be yet another victim of the economic times.

If we hear more, we’ll announce it here. Back orders of the magazine may be purchased here at Titan Magazines.


4 thoughts on “Official Stargate Magazine Closing Down”

  1. I can tell you why the magazine is closing down–that is no more Stargate! SG-1 is gone, Atlantis is gone, so there is nothing to read or write about. Movies for both have been scratched and the current show is boring and uninteresting. So why keep the magazine going if no one is reading it?

    Just my opinion!

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