Nemec, Pileggi in Recurring "Supernatural" Roles Next Season

TV Over Mind is reporting that Stargate veterans Corin Nemec and Mitch Pileggi will have recurring roles in Season Six of The CW’s Supernatural, which is returning this fall.

Jonas Quinn as a member of SG-1Mitch Pileggi as Col. Steven Caldwell (MGM)

Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn and Mitch Pileggi as Col. Steven Caldwell (MGM)

Nemec, who was Stargate SG-1‘s Jonas Quinn, will be portraying Christian Campbell, the Winchester brothers’ maternal cousin. According to the breakdown from EW, Campbell is “capable, calm under pressure, and very good at his job,” as well as “has a special relationship to Sam and Dean.” News of his casting came out of the recently-held Gate Con.

Fans of Stargate Atlantis are familiar with Pileggi, who played Col. Steven Caldwell, commander of the USS Daedalus. Pileggi’s return to Supernatural was first announced by EW last month. He portrayed the boys’ grandfather Sam Campbell, but how he can be recurring remains to be seen since Sam is currently dead. But, this is Supernatural, after all.

Supernatural returns to The CW on Friday, September 24, at 9 PM ET. We’ll report back when we get more information as to when we’ll see Nemec’s and Pileggi’s episodes.

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