Joe Flanigan on Family, "Change of Plans"

Stargate star Joe Flanigan was in Toronto recently to film the two-hour backdoor pilot Change of Plans (fka Best Laid Plans), the story about a couple who suddenly become the parents of the five children left behind by a deceased friend. While on location, Flanigan was interviewed by Paul Banas of, and the two shared the ins and outs of being an actor who must be away from his family while filming.

Flanigan talks about being away from home for great lengths of time (he commuted between Vancouver and Los Angeles during the five years he starred in Stargate Atlantis) and the importance of being part of a production that is concerned with family issues and that takes the needs of a working parent under consideration.

Change of Plans is about Major Quinn Patterson (Flanigan) and his wife Samantha (Brooke White), a couple who become the guardians of five children who are orphaned when their parents Tezzie and Richard, two Peace Corps workers, lose their lives in the earthquake in Haiti where they were stationed. For more about the production, visit fansite The Flan Info Journal.

Below is the brief interview, posted by Banas on YouTube:

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5 thoughts on “Joe Flanigan on Family, "Change of Plans"”

  1. When Joe Flanigan’s movie comes Change Of Plans comes out on tv I will watch, as well as his movies A Good Day For It and The Other Side. I will watch them.. I hope to see him as a regular on another show. He is a good actor.

  2. I am looking forward to A Change In Plans and hope it will be picked up as a regular show with Joe Flanigan. I also hope MGM and Spyglass will soon give the Green Light for SGA and SG1 movies. I am one of the fans who want Shepperd/Todd together.

  3. I look forward to seeing A Change In Plans in2011 and The Other Side also I hope to see him in more movies and in another tv show as a regular.

  4. I watched A Change In Plans last night and loved it. It was good to see Joe Flanigan. When it comes out on DVD in March, I will get it. I hope they have him in more movies and tv shows. I am done with MGM, Spyglass and SyFy.

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