Solutions Opens SG-1 and SGA Portals

It used to be that fans of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis would tune in on Friday nights to watch their favorite teams go through the Stargate, get in trouble, get out of trouble, and return home. And now, just because we’re no longer seeing new adventures, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new to report! So Solutions thought it’d be fitting to open our new Portals for each show today—on a Friday.

The Portals have the latest news from our Solutions Blog and LJ feeds, links to episode and movie information stored in our Stargate Wiki, updates on the main cast actors, convention schedule, next episode schedule, and a feature box for videos, polls, and other fun fan stuff that might just so happen to come up.

Click on one of the images below to get to the selected Portal, or you can get to them through our blog’s secondary navigation menu above (the white strip) by clicking on the tab for “SG-1” or “SGA” (or better yet, make sure to bookmark them!). We hope to see you there soon!

SG-1 Title  

2 thoughts on “Solutions Opens SG-1 and SGA Portals”

  1. Seeing is believing about SG1 and SGA movies. They have been giving one excuse after another. I would not blame Joe Flanigan if he did not go back and do the supposed movie.

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