Stargate Universe: 2.10 "Resurgence"

The bridge crew of 'Destiny' in RESURGENCE (MGM)
Tonight (November 30) on Syfy at 9 PM ET: Stargate Universe episode 2.10 “Resurgence”, written by Joseph Mallozzi (and Paul Mullie) and directed by William Waring.

Because executive producer Joseph Mallozzi wrote this script, we got to follow the episode’s progression from concept to final cut in his weblog, most of whose episode-specific entries we’ve reproduced in our Episode Guide in the Solutions Stargate Wiki (SPOILERS).

A recurring theme throughout his discussion was the declaration that it was “one of the most mind-blowing Visual Effects extravaganzas to date.”

Because it is the first part to the mid-season two-parter, Mallozzi made sure to include a little something for everyone, leaving us in a cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until the show returns to Syfy in 2011 (perhaps in early April like Season One did)! It was as if he had a checklist to go by:

Space battles? Check.

Aliens? Check.

Lots of characters playing significant roles? Check.

Picking up and continuing current story threads and starting new ones? Check.

Getting into trouble? Check.

Getting out of trouble? To Be Continued…

Where will we—and our favorite SGU characters—be left hanging? Tune in tonight to find out and make sure to rejoin us here for our episode poll on the front page.

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