Stargate Universe: 2.14 "Hope"

Stargate Universe Hope
Greer and Volker share a moment and more in HOPE.
Tonight at 10 PM ET on Syfy—and later this week in Canada and Australia—is Stargate Universe episode 2.14 “Hope,” written by Carl Binder.

Last week, we were left hanging—along with the crew—as to whether or not Senator Michaels and Dr. Andrew Covel were able to disarm the naquadria-enhanced bomb that the Lucian Alliance crashed into Homeworld Command in Washington, D.C. Someone is sitting in the communication room awaiting word from Earth, but after the radiation leak and Covel’s fooling around with the stones’ programming, further links might not even be possible.

And this problem couldn’t have had come at a worse time.

“Rob Cooper had an idea about what would our characters do if they had a serious medical emergency onboard Destiny,” writer Carl Binder explained in an interview with SciFi and TV Talk Blog. “This episode follows one in which there is a problem with the communication stones and they lose contact with Earth for a while. Now we have a situation in which one of Destiny‘s crew needs a major operation, but without the stones there’s no way to connect to Earth and get a doctor to take over and perform the operation, so T.J. has to do it.

“Meanwhile, there’s a second story unfolding at the same time involving a member of the Lucian Alliance and something that happened in an earlier story this season, ‘Malice.'”

Extraordinary things happen when extraordinary technology is involved, and tonight’s story highlights that very well. Tune in tonight to see how the Destiny crew must cope in life and death situations while totally cut off from Earth and then make sure to rejoin us here for our episode poll on the front page.

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Ginn resurfaces in Chloe via the communication stones, creating a dilemma for Eli and Rush to solve; Greer becomes a kidney donor after Tamara diagnoses Volker with end-stage renal disease.[/spoiler]

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