Jason Momoa On How Stargate Helped

Jason Momoa as ConanJason Momoa continues to get lots of press thanks to his leading role in the upcoming Conan the Barbarian film remake, and for playing Khal Drogo in HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones. He has two new interviews, at Huffington Post and DenOfGeek, with the latter being especially long and illuminating. There he speaks in detail about the filming experience both for Conan and Game of Thrones, noting he hates horses, loves playing the “bad good guy”, and won’t mind if Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t like his portrayal of Conan. He credits his four years on Stargate Atlantis with preparing him to play Conan and Drogo, even though the roles are very different:

How did working on Game Of Thrones compare to Stargate?

Well, there were no horses and I got to wear clothes, for one thing. [laughs] I loved Stargate. I had such a great time and it was such a great training ground. It set me up to play the lead of a movie, you know, so it’s really a phenomenon for four years to be with a family and experiment.

You do a movie, you meet everyone, you go from place to place. It’s like joining a circus. Being on a show for four years, you know everyone. You know the grips. You feel safe and comfortable. You can play with your character a lot. It evolves over a long period of time. It was a great training ground that set me up for Drogo and Conan.

And also, being in that sci-fi fantasy genre, there’s no limitations to what you can do. If I’m sick or drugged out, I can play it like heroin times ten, or crack times 20. You can go to places that aren’t realistic, and that’s fun.

It’s worked out that I’m in these genres and I don’t mind it. It’s fun.

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