Christopher Judge Teases ‘Huge’ Casting News

Christopher JudgeThis news is fresh from Stargate star Christopher Judge‘s Q&A at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in Alberta, Canada, and is being reported by Cinema Spy’s Michael Simpson:

Christopher Judge, who played the alien character Teal’c on 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and its two spin-off movies, has teased fans of the series with news that he has been cast in a ‘huge’ upcoming movie. Judge revealed the news today during his Q&A session at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

“I shouldn’t even say anything,” Judge told the Expo crowd. “OK, I can’t tell you what. There’s gonna be a big announcement in the next couple of weeks. So I just got cast in a huge film.”

The news brought a cheer from the audience but Judge did not reveal further details. His comments suggested, however, that it would be a genre film.


Judge will next appear in the movie REHAB, directed by Rick Bieber. We’re just speculating, of course, but here at CinemaSpy we’re hoping that the ‘huge’ movie he’s been cast in is the next Star Trek.

Rehab, scheduled for release June 23, was written by CSI: Miami star David Caruso and Rick Bieber and is described at David “A controversial psychiatrist conducts a retreat for patients suffering from severe cases of dissociative personality disorders. The intense, week-long treatment reveals a devious agenda that is more dangerous than their violent psychosis.”

Concerning the “huge” movie that Judge teased about, what do you think it could be?


JULY 22: The movie is The Dark Knight Rises and is part of the Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale. Judge’s role is still not known. (Report on brief announcement Judge made via Twitter)