Christopher Judge

Teal'c in 'Babylon'CHRISTOPHER JUDGE starred in Stargate SG-1 as Teal’c, the noble Jaffa warrior who saw the possibility of freedom for his enslaved people when he met SG-1 on his homeworld. As many have reported and have seen at several conventions and in various behind-the-scenes videos, Judge is far removed from the quiet reserve of his character, bringing warmth and humor to the sets on a daily basis. The talented actor is also a photographer, writer, and producer.

Beyond Teal’c

These are the roles that Christopher Judge has had since he became Teal’c*, the most recent on top.

First Wave

First Wave
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Xevallah in "Beneath the Black Sky"
Jan 24, 2001

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Divider Strip for Actors..Beyond the Event Horizon (original image from MGM)

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