Chris Judge: Men of Sci-Fi Calendar Coming!

Chris Judge was interviewed by Tony Tellado of Sci-Fi, who recently interviewed Michael Shanks as well. The interview was conducted as they were finishing shooting Episode 6, which was several weeks ago. The discussion ranged over his photography and the Women of Sci-Fi Calendar, Stargate SG-1, his friendship with Michael Shanks, and his appreciation … Continue reading “Chris Judge: Men of Sci-Fi Calendar Coming!”

Christopher Judge Teases ‘Huge’ Casting News

This news is fresh from Stargate star Christopher Judge‘s Q&A at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in Alberta, Canada, and is being reported by Cinema Spy’s Michael Simpson: Christopher Judge, who played the alien character Teal’c on 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and its two spin-off movies, has teased fans of the series with … Continue reading “Christopher Judge Teases ‘Huge’ Casting News”

Christopher Judge Shares Stargate with "Hollywood Treasure"

Tonight (October 27) at 10 PM ET, Syfy will be premiering two episodes of their new half-hour reality show Hollywood Treasure. Stargate star Christopher Judge has been seen in the promo (embedded below), but it’s not certain if he’ll be in either of the two episodes premiering tonight (“Let the Bidding Begin” and “I’ll Get … Continue reading “Christopher Judge Shares Stargate with "Hollywood Treasure"”

Christopher Judge in "NCIS: LA" Tonight (Oct. 26)

Stargate star Christopher Judge is guest starring in CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles tonight (October 26) at 9 PM ET as Assan Rafiq in the episode “Anonymous”. Episode stills can be found at Daemon’s TV, but unfortunately, none have Judge in them. NCIS: Los Angeles is in its second season, a spin-off of the highly successful … Continue reading “Christopher Judge in "NCIS: LA" Tonight (Oct. 26)”

Christopher Judge Updates Fans on "Rage of Angels", "The Saint"

As we reported earlier, Stargate star Christopher Judge was a panelist at the recent San Diego Comic Con, representing the Dead Space Aftermath animated film for which he lent his voice as the character Nicholas Cutner. He also gave Comics Online an exclusive interview so that his fans could be updated on his projects, especially … Continue reading “Christopher Judge Updates Fans on "Rage of Angels", "The Saint"”

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge in the Stargate Wiki Character Bio: Teal’c Interview Archive Search Solutions Blog Archive Solutions Gallery Unofficial Fan Website Twitter IMDb Convention/Appearance Schedule at Stargate Actor Appearances CHRISTOPHER JUDGE starred in Stargate SG-1 as Teal’c, the noble Jaffa warrior who saw the possibility of freedom for his enslaved people when he met SG-1 on … Continue reading “Christopher Judge”

Christopher Judge Joins "Paradox" Cast

Stargate star Christopher Judge is among other sci-fi stars—many with Stargate connections—involved in Paradox, the first of five Arcana Studios projects based off of Arcana Comic Book titles, according to the Comic Book Resources (CBR) website: Paradox, which was written by Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage, based on the comic series by Christos Gage, … Continue reading “Christopher Judge Joins "Paradox" Cast”

SCI FI PI Interviews Christopher Judge

In the first part of a possibly three-part interview, Australia’s SCI FI Channel’s SCI FI PI talks with Stargate star Christopher Judge during his appearances at the First Contact Conventions in Sydney and Wellington. SCI FI PI wrote, “He talked about pretty much everything you could imagine, from his darkest fears, the highs (and lows) … Continue reading “SCI FI PI Interviews Christopher Judge”

Christopher Judge on "The Ark of Truth"

Stargate star Christopher Judge shared his thoughts about Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth in two recent interviews. In the first one, an audio interview conducted by Tony Tellado of Sci Fi Talk, Judge enthuses about how Teal’c’s trek was depicted in the movie and how it appears on the screen. Judge also … Continue reading “Christopher Judge on "The Ark of Truth"”