Claudia Black

Vala Mal Doran in THE ARK OF TRUTHCLAUDIA BLACK first guest starred on Stargate SG-1 in its eighth and ninth seasons as the thief and con artist Vala Mal Doran. Afterwards, Vala proved herself worthy to wear the SG-1 team patch, and Black joined the regular cast during Season Ten. She reprised her role in both of the direct-to-video movies Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. Since then, Black has not only made guest starring appearances in live action television programs and movies, but has also lent her amazing voice to multiple video games, movies, and animated productions.

Beyond Vala Mal Doran

These are the roles that Claudia Black has had since she became Vala Mal Doran, the most recent on top.

The Dresden Files

The Dresden Files
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Liz Fontaine in "The Other Dick"
March 25, 2007

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