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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks Q&A
Wolf SG-4 Con London, 02 Feb 02

Q:  Will you be back at all on Stargate?

Michael : "Ooh, um I can't say yes or no right now. I would like to. I think if the um character was going to be used in an appropriate manner and if both parties could agree to where it's going to go I think that probably will happen at some point. I can't say when, there's nothing going on right now as to that.  They're producing the show right now and writing the scripts for the sixth season. Nothing is definitive. I can imagine we'll talk about it a little bit later after I get back from here, but right now there's nothing in the works. You know I'd like to see that happen. I think they would. Hopefully we'll find a middle ground somewhere in between and be able to work things out and everything will be hunky dory and we'll look at'cha through that big glass box again."

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