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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks
Dr. Daniel Jackson
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Daniel Dares
Sharon Gosling, Stargate Official Magazine Yearbook, Mar/Apr 06

Calendar Boy (off-site link)
Carole Gordon, Eclipse Magazine, Mar 06

Shanks for the Memories
Ian Spelling, Starburst Magazine Issue 339, Jun 06
Cause and Effect
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special 71, Jul 06

Ten Years (off-site link)
M. R. Reed, Eclipse Magazine, Aug 06

A Decade of Daniel
Abbie Bernstein, Stargate Official Magazine Issue 12, Sep/Oct 06
Shanks For The Memories
Ian Spelling, Dreamwatch #126, Feb 05

Job Satisfaction
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #61, Feb 05

Michael Shanks Becomes The Voice Of "Local Custom"
Marla R. Reed, Syndicated to Stargate SG-1 Solutions, 14 Feb 05

Searching for Shanks
Sally Reeve, Stargate SG-1 Magazine #04, May-June 05

Nine Lives
Thomasina Gibson, Cult Times #118, Jul 05
It's All In The Dynamics
Marla R. Reed, Stargate SG-1 Solutions, Jul 05

Creation Con Burbank
Con report, Jul 05

Curious Mind
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #64, Jul 05

Jackson's Trials
Byran Cairns, Dreamwatch 132, Sep 05

Team Player
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #67, Dec 05
Daniel Jackson's Future
Miwa Hirai,

Michael Shanks: Sci Fi Overdrive
Sci Fi Overdrive radio broadcast, Jan 04

Beyond the Gate: Michael Shanks
DVD volume 32 featurette

Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge
Daniel Garrett, BBC Wiltshire Radio, Jan 04

Creation Grand Slam: Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping
Con report, Mar 04

Gate Expectations
Sharon Gosling, Dreamwatch #115, Mar 04

Boys, Boobs and Biscuits
Jayne Dearsley, SFX #117, May 04

Michael Shanks: Back And Loving It
Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune,9 Jul 04

Creation Con Burbank
Con report, Jul 04
Creation Con Sacramento
Con report, Aug 04

Wit And Wisdom
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #58, Jul 04

Thomasina Gibson, Cult Times Special #31, Sep 04

Michael Shanks: Action Jackson
Sean Jordan, Femmes Fatale, Oct 04

Jackson Live!
Ian Spelling, Dreamwatch #122, Oct 04

Star Gazing
Greg David, TV Guide Canada, Oct 04

Team Spirit: Michael Shanks
Sharon Gosling & K. Stoddard Hayes, Stargate SG-1 Official Magazine #1, Nov/Dec 04

Shanks Gets Swarmed
SCI FI Wire, Dec 04

Shanks Welcomes Browder To SG-1
SCI FI Wire, Dec 04
Through The Gate And Back Again
Miwa Hirai, Cyberex Spotlight Interview, Feb 03

A Hero's Return
Ben Strait, MGM SCI FI Newsletter, Feb 03

Stargate: Behind The Gate
Miwa Hira, Sony Pictures Japan, Feb 03

Through The Gate And Home
Miwa Hirai, Stargate SG-1 Solutions, Mar 03

Actor Hyphenate
MGM SCI FI Newsletter, Mar 03

There's Something About Michael
Paul Gendreau, MGM Newsletter #14, Mar 03

Ascending And Descending
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #50, Apr 03

Jackson's Back
Thomasina Gibson, Sci Fi Magazine, Apr 03

SCI FI Online Chat
SCI, Apr 03

Michael Shanks: Jackson's Journey
Sharon Gosling, Dreamwatch #104, May 03

SFX: The Event
Q & A sessions with Michael Shanks and Anna-Louise Plowman, SFX convention, May 03

Report on SFX: The Event
Sky News Active, 24 May 03

Warp Zone
Warp Zone radio interview,  Jun 03
Stargate's Descending Order
Kate O'Hare,, Jun 03Fall From Grace
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #52, Jun 03

Fan Odyssey Convention
Q & A session, Fan Odyssey Con, Jun 03 

Return To Duty
Rhonda Krafchin, Starlog #312, Jul 03

Back To The Gate
Miwa Hirai, CFQ Magazine Aug/Sep, Jul 03

Michael Shanks on the Wayne Brady Show
Wayne Brady syndicated talk show, Jul 03

AXN Chat Official Online Transcript
Miwa Hirai, AXN, Jul 03

Resurrection Dan
Jayne Dearsley & Lorraine Brumpton, SFX #107, Aug 03

Michael Shanks: Alien Resurrection
Elise Harris, What Satellite And Digital TV, Sep 03

Gatecon 2003
Michael Shanks Q&A at Gatecon, Sep 03

BOBW 20 Con
Saturday Q&A Report, BOBW 20, Canberra, 15 Nov 03

Star Man
David Bassom, Dreamwatch #111, Nov 03
Shanks For The Memories
Thomasina Gibson, Dreamwatch #88, Jan 02  

Jacking It In
Thomasina Gibson, Cult Times #77, Jan 02

Michael Shanks Q&A Wolf SG-4
London, 02 Feb 02

Fan Rebellion Threatens Stargate
Mary McNamara,, Feb 02

Not Lost, But Gone Before
Thomasina Gibson, Starlog #024, Mar 02

Daniel in the Lion's Den
Sharon Gosling, Xpose #66, Mar 02
The Gate Escape
Jayne Dearsley, SFX #90, Apr 02

America's Most Wanted
Diane McGinn, Starburst #286, May 02

Michael Shanks: Cinescape Profile
Cinescape, May 02

Anything Can Happen
Miwa Hirai, Cyberex Chat, Jul 02

Shanks' Redemption
Mary McNamara, TV Guide, Jul 02

Shanks' Redemption: Full And Uncut
Mary McNamara, Infinitely, Sep 02
Michael Shanks: Action Jackson
Steven Eramo, TV Zone #134, Jan 01 Star TV
Star TV set visit, Mar/Apr 01

Local Boy Made Good
Kate O'Hare,, Jun 01

Problem Solved
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #42, Jul 01

An Interview With Michael Shanks
Robert Vogel, TV Highlights, Aug 01
Double Jeopardy
Jenny Wake, Frontier, Fall 01

Michael Shanks: Q&A at SydneyCon
(Report by Poss) Sep 01

Michael Shanks
MGM SCI FI Newsletter, Nov 01

So Long, Daniel Jackson, Until We Meet Again...?
Steven Eramo, TV Zone #146, Dec 01
Passion Player
Rhonda Krafchin, Sci Fi TV Magazine #9, Feb 00

Out Of Space
Thomasina Gibson, XPose Special #11, Apr 00

Dan Dares
Thomasina Gibson, Cult Times #57, Jun 00

Michael Shanks Star/Director
Isabelle Meunier, SFX #67, Aug 00
Loss Of Innocence
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special #38, Aug 00

Action Jackson
Isabelle Meunier, SFX #70, Nov 00

Who Is Daniel Jackson?
Ian Spelling, Xpose Special #14, Dec 00
Stargate Crashers
Jim Swallow, SFX #47, Jan 99

Walk Like An Egyptian
Karen Miller, Frontier, 99
Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks
Hot Spots, Feb/Apr 99

Michael Shanks: Stargate's Gun-Shy Guy
Rita Zikeas, Toronto Star, Oct 99
TV Gen Yahoo! Chat
Yahoo!, Sep 98

Michael's Jackson
Jonathan Wright, Xpose #27, Oct 98

Taking The Michael
Cult Times Special #8, Winter 98
Through The Looking Glass
Steve Eramo, TV Zone #109, Dec 98

Ultimate TV Chat
Ultimate TV, Dec 98
Guardian At The Gate
Kyle Counts, Starlog #245, Dec 97

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