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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Michael Shanks

Shanks' Redemption
Mary McNamara, TV Guide, 13-19 Jul 02

SHANKS' REDEMPTION: Fans rally to bring the doctor back. And it works
TV Guide Full Size 13-19 July 2002

No one really dies on Stargate SG-1. They simply go to a higher plane. When Michael Shanks's popular character, Dr. Daniel Jackson, moved on up at the end of last season, fans of the show - which now airs Fridays at 9 p.m./ET on the SciFi Channel after five years on Showtime - were in an uproar. How could the writers kill off the man who opened the intergalactic gate in the first place?

Shanks asked them to. Dispirited by the show's new direction, Shanks says he quit: "I found that I was dramatically changing my character to keep him in the more military plots."

Still that didn't keep Danielites from launching a massive letter-writing campaign. Over the last few months, they showered show executives with "bring Daniel back!" notes and they raised $12,000 to buy full page ads in The Hollywood Reporter and other showbiz magazines.

Now it seems their pleas have been heard. Shanks's doctor will reappear in this week's episode (July 19, 9pm/ET. [Actually, last week's episode, Abyss] Plus, says Stargate Executive Producer Brad Wright, "two or three additional stories are in development. And Daniel is very much a part of them."

2002, TV Guide.

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