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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks SG1 Chat @ SCI
Wednesday April 16, 2003

The SCI FI online chat was well attended, easily reaching the maximum number of users set for the auditorium [359].  Mr. Shanks wasn't always asked the best of questions, but at least this Chat Mod didn't let through any questions asking Mr. Shanks to describe how Mr. Anderson smells.

Grateful thanks to Mr. Shanks for his witty and good humoured responses to all the questions :)

 <samo22> to <ChatMod>: Do you plan on staying on Stargate for the rest of the show?

<MS> I'll stay as long as the character is needed and wanted

<ChatMod> How goes the writing?

<MS> Like putting a square peg in a round hole
<MS> I'm outlining now

<DIZZY13> to <ChatMod>: Do you always take your work home with you? if so can you work with me?

<MS> Usually its in my script bag

<ChatMod> What kind of story are you trying to write?

<MS> It started as a vampire story
<MS> Now it's a conspiracy story
<MS> SG-1 versus NID scientists from Smoke and Mirrors
<MS> A creation that's been left over since they had power

<psyfilover> to <ChatMod>: Michael, do you have any actors in mind to play the roles in your story?

<MS> Not yet
<MS> A strong female lead is up for grabs
<MS> And an older German scientist
<MS> But I have no one in mind

<Shima> to <ChatMod>: Would you prefer that Daniel gets a new girlfriend (who doesn't die in first place)?

<MS> It doesn't matter
<MS> Love interests don't stick around because the characters continue on their journeys with the fewest attachments possible.

<outcard> to <ChatMod>: Hi from basque country!!! **Is Dr Jackson gonna remind something about his "life" as ascended to a higher plane of existence???

<MS> I think we've touched on that enough in the first eight episodes and more is awaiting us ahead

<Abbey> to <ChatMod>: Dr. Jackson made the cover of Time magazine! What do you think?

<MS> laughs

<ChatMod> <Samer> to <ChatMod>: Is there any character trait you think Dr. Jackson should have had, but didn't (or vice versa)?

<MS> No
<MS> I think he's pretty three dimensional
<MS> We could explore some more thoroughly
<MS> But nothing comes to mind

<SilverStargateCharlie> to <ChatMod>: Where is Daniel living now he's descended?  In his old apartment with jack or on base?

<MS> He's living in a new apartment
<MS> New furniture and everything

<Brianna> to <ChatMod>: Will we get to see more of a reunion with Daniel and the rest of SG1 in Fallen & Homecoming that was lacking in Full Circle?

<MS> Sure
<MS> It's hard to define what happens in Homecoming
<MS> We just see a slow warming to the character
<MS> We see alot more interaction later
<MS> But there's no Welcome Home party as such

<nudu> to <ChatMod>: Does Michael Shanks ever wish there was a Stargate?

<MS> Not really.  I just wish the Canucks would make it to the second round

<ChatMod> <GoauldSlayer> to <ChatMod>: Do you think that the character of Daniel will get less "picked on" because Jonas is there?

<MS> Hmmm…Well...
<MS> I don't think I ever saw him as picked on
<MS> He just had unique beliefs

<Bratac[Spain]> to <ChatMod>: Hi michael, I'm Arkaitz, greetings from Navarra and  Spain. My question is: What don't you like about yourself?

<MS> His choice in clothing mostly

<Tricia> to <ChatMod>: I've read that Daniel has no memory of his   "before-ascension" life in the beginning of the seventh season. Will he regain his memory?

<MS> Do you really want to know the answer
<MS> Cover your monitor if you don't want the SPOILER
<MS> ...
<MS> ...
<MS> Yes he will

<HandleThis> to <ChatMod>: Who is your favorite hockey player of all-time?

<MS> Now that's tough
<MS> Gordie Howe
<MS> Larry Robinson maybe

<Findo> to <ChatMod>: What have you learned from writing for Stargate, and what good advice did Chris/the writers/anyone give you?

<MS> Don't give away secrets
<MS> Never hand it in until you are done
<MS> And always put it on paper
<MS> And what I've learned myself is that it doesn't come easy to me

<Cathy> to <ChatMod>: What is your favorite episode this far (from season 7) and why?

<MS> Hmmm...The smoothest shooting episode was Revisions
<MS> The team was together the longest
<MS> Lifeboat was personally fun because I was many people

<BrandonJones>  [When Daniel] de-ascends he comes back naked. And will we get to see any flesh?'

<MS> Yep
<MS> Just like my mother saw him

PeaceHeather> to <ChatMod>: Greetings, and an invitation to sushi, from Indiana! What's the best/worst/weirdest/most memorable experience you've had with your fans?

<MS> I think the ones I remember have always been visiting sick children and adults in the hospital that I've met
<MS> I feel like that cheers them up
<MS> If the job allows me to do that
<MS> That's enough

<Shanks4ever> to <ChatMod>: Do you often do conventions or events of that sort where you can personally interact with fans?

<MS> Yes I've done conventions
<MS> I'll be in Culver City CA June 6-7
<MS> And maybe one in May in England

<docjan-uk> to <ChatMod>: President Doc from Weve heard that Amanda occasionally has a look at the fandom online... have you or do you ever take a peek at the online fandom, perhaps even *wink wink nudge nudge*

<MS> I did years ago but I stopped for lack of time or understanding of what was going on on the fan sites

<Joebob> to <ChatMod>: What are your thoughts on a SG-1 video game?

<MS> I don't know if there will be one, but I'd love to play it if there was

<ChatMod> <Mirror> to <ChatMod>: What role you ever played resembled you the most and why?

<MS> A character called Lt Yoland in a play called Translations
<MS> He was searching for perfect happiness

<JoAnna-Spring> to <ChatMod>: Can you talk about what it was like to shoot a movie in South Africa?

<MS> It was sweet
<MS> Warm
<MS> Sunny
<MS> Beautiful
<MS> Politically restless, but what a country
<MS> The people were fantastic

<ShelBel> to <ChatMod>: Michael, what sort of differences are we going to see in Daniel in season 7? How has being "ascended" affected him?

<MS> Cloven hooves and a battle axe
<MS> I think there will be a subtle difference in the character
<MS> He will be more able to take action in given situations
<MS> He's a bit more sure of himself

<jazzgoddess> to <ChatMod>: Any more directing gigs planned?  Greetings from New York City, btw

<MS> Not now
<MS> But who knows

<MrBooleano> to <ChatMod>: Are we going to see any 'furlings' in season 7? I've been dying to see one! Do they resemble Ewoks?

<MS> We had some, but we got a cream that cleared them up
<MS> In the scripts so far -- not that I can see

<ChatMod> Why did you come back to SG-1?

<MS> The chance for more interaction with the three supporting characters
<MS> And the chance to actively participate in all the stories concerning the team

<jamtoy> to <ChatMod>: Has anyone in the cast ever played practical jokes on you while filming?

<MS> Hmm...Not yet.  But I'm braced for contact

<Samer> to <ChatMod>: How much of a fan of science fiction were you before starting to play Dr. Jackson? Any favorite books/authors?

<MS> I was a fan of Star Wars and Space 1999.  Girls took over after my teen years and the rest is history

<Cathy16> to <ChatMod>: Have you now more "control" about Daniel's character ?  Greetz from Germany

<MS> It was never an issue of control
<MS> I just wanted the character used fully
<MS> Control over the character is the same
<MS> But my communication with the writers is at an all time high

<ChatMod> Besides Daniel Jackson, what Stargate character would you most be interested in playing?

<MS> Thor

<Shima> to <ChatMod>: Are you afraid that people will always see Dr. Jackson in you, because you worked for such a long time on the show? And that that will make it hard to get roles which differ from Daniel's character?

<MS> No my job is to convince people that I am many different things

<Thor> to <ChatMod>: Is it true that you are the voice for Thor the Asgard leader on the show?

<MS> Yes
<MS> But that's a secret

<CallistaZM> to <ChatMod>: You do your job so well too! What kinds of things would you like to do after Stargate?

<MS> I'm still looking for that role as a cross dressing aroma therapist
<MS> But I'm waiting on a script!

<jamtoy> to <ChatMod>: who else of the regular cast does voices for other aliens?

<MS> Chris has voiced Aliens
<MS> And Teryl

<ChatMod> <nishongo-grohochari> to <ChatMod>: Do you think there's a good prospect of having more than 7 seasons of Stargate SG-1? Greetings from Bangladesh, btw.

<MS> Thanks Bangladesh!
<MS> I have no clue at this moment

<ChatMod> <daniels-girl-stargatesg1> to <ChatMod>: If you could change anything about the
  show what would it be?

<MS> Beer gardens, dancing girls

<SG> to <ChatMod>: What was it like the first day you got back on the set of SG-1 for the new Season 7??

<MS> Like a reunion
<MS> But it's always like that on the first days of any season

<VicMackey> to <ChatMod>: was it always intended for Daniel to come back, or was it decided during the last season?

<MS> Well, you could argue it was always intended
<MS> but decisions are made on a day by day basis
<MS> It just seemed to work out that way

<ChatMod> What can tell us about your movie?

<MS> It's called Sumuru
<MS> It may stink but it was a lot of fun to make

<Yuriko> to <ChatMod>: Do you think we will get to see Major Carter in command?

<MS> For how long?
<MS> Yes, for periods of time

<PeaceHeather> to <ChatMod>: Don Davis mentioned at a convention that you and he are forming a production company, for a film that you will star in.  What's the dirt on  that?

<MS> We are
<MS> We have
<MS> Details to be released in about a year or so

<brandy-1980> to <ChatMod>: A big hello from Toledo, OH.  Did you ever watch MacGyver?  I heard and read about the time you saw an episode being filmed.

<MS> I saw it a few times and I seem to recall enjoying it

<GeekGal> to <ChatMod>: What was your favorite  tv show when you were growing up?

<MS> I liked Starsky and Hutch and Dukes of Hazzard and A-Team
<MS> I hope none of them influenced me as an actor

<Cathy16> to <ChatMod>: you anything know about a Stargate Movie in future ?

<MS> No more than I did a year ago

<Amonet> to <ChatMod>: Hi Michael, in a couple of recent interviews you've referred to Daniel as "passive".  ...I'd personally not consider him all that passive.  :-) So I'm curious how did you, as his actor, see him as passive and in what way will this change in the 7th season?  Thank you.

<MS> Daniel always observed others behaviour
<MS> He wasn't the guy who did things
<MS> The line of that is more blurred now

<jadda-german> to <ChatMod>: Do you know, if Richard D. Anderson stays at SG1, greetings from Germany

<MS> He'll certainly be with us all through this season.  No clue after that

<JoAnna-Spring> to <ChatMod>: How do you feel about the sweater that Daniel keeps showing up in?

<MS> I have it locked in the trunk of my car
<MS> We have a close relationship

<Tiv> to <ChatMod>: How has writing and directing influenced the way you approach acting?

<MS> It's made me understand other people's jobs
<MS> Maybe it's made me more forgiving
<MS> Their jobs aren't easy

<ChatMod> How did you get started as an actor?

<MS> I went to school in 1990
<MS> I knew it was something I wanted to do
<MS> After University I went to acting school
<MS> Best thing in the world

<Amorphous> to <ChatMod>: Question for MS: Do you think the show has changed much while you were away?

<MS> Sure
<MS> things evolve
<MS> There's always a progressive evolution in any show no matter who is involved

<whitevanilla> to <ChatMod>: Did you ever have to perform any Shakespeare while attending acting school?

<MS> Oh sure
<MS> A lot
<MS> In scene work probably most of the good roles
<MS> On stage I played the fool in Lear
<MS> And I did Love's Labours Lost

<Nighty2k2> to <ChatMod>: To MS: Greetings from Minnesota!! Do you believe in aliens and ufo's.

<MS> Yes
<MS> I think it's arrogant to think we are alone

<Viqui> to <ChatMod>: Hello Michael! Greetings from Barcelona! First of all thanks for this chat and thanks for being our lovely Daniel again, we missed you!!. My questions, first: How did you feel when Martin took you to 'go for a walk' for one of the walls of Abyss's cell?

<MS> Thank you
<MS> I felt surprised when Martin could lift me and hoist me for that long
<MS> He was stronger than I thought

<majorkennedy> to< chat mod> what is the funniest thing that has happened to you while on set ?

<MS>The way Don talks when he can't remember his lines

<Yuriko> to <ChatMod>: Somehow, fans always end up talking about favorite books, movies, music. What sort of music do you enjoy?

<MS> Everything from opera to Limp Biskit
<MS> But eminem is right up there these days

<amaya> to <ChatMod>: Hi from southern Florida! What would you say to encourage someone interested in writing Science Fiction for television?

<MS> Get out
<MS> But if you must
<MS> Don't give up and don't limit yourself

<ChatMod> As an actor who would you most like to work with?

<MS> Robert Duvall
<MS> Steven Spielberg
<MS> James Cameron

<gator1150> to <ChatMod>: Are you surprised at the popularity of the Daniel character and are you able to walk the streets without being accosted. Hi from California

<MS> I'm very surprised
<MS> But I can easily walk down the streets without being noticed
<MS> That's a good thing

<ShelBel> to <ChatMod>: Michael, scuttlebutt has it that you were "reluctant" to lose the threads for Daniel's return. How did you deal with the filming of that particular scene?

<MS> Not true
<MS> You've got to be kidding
<MS> I'm in the best shape of my life now
<MS> It was very easy for me to take my kit off
<MS> I dealt with it just fine
<MS> Even though we were in a public park in the middle of Surrey
<ChatMod> Our time is about up
<MS> Peace
<MS> God bless
<MS> And

2003, Stargate SG-1 Solutions transcript.

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