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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks And Joseph Mallozzi
AXN Japan online chat, 27 Jul 03


Michael Shanks [Daniel Jackson] and writer/exec producer Joseph Mallozzi participated in an exclusive chat online yesterday with ten Japanese fans for the show's Japanese broadcaster AXN. Sharing Joseph Mallozzi's laptop, the two answered some wide-ranging questions in an un-moderated chat. The full transcript is available at the AXN website (tip: read from the bottom of the page upwards)  

There were some snippets of information on Michael Shanks' episode "Resurrection", Joe Mallozzi's episode "Inauguration" and Shanks' thoughts on the possible changes hinted at in TV Guide for Season Eight.

Q: Congrats on Season 8, Michael! Happy to go on playing Daniel as the show evolves? People are worried about how all the changes will affect you so soon after returning to the show.

MS: "Thank you. I think that the changes are picking up right where they should and the character will evolve in sync with the show."

Q: Michael, your performance in "Lifeboat" was stunning! Did you work with the original actors for Tryan and Keenin? What was it like to film?

MS: "I didn't have an opportunity to work with the original actors. I had the benefit of the director following my lead."

Q: Michael, did you finish writing "Resurrection" during the hiatus? Are you happy with your script? Any more you can tell us about the story?

MS: "I finished it right after hiatus. Joe can tell you if I'm happy with it. It should turn out to be "peachy keen".

JM: "You'll have to tune in to the answer for that - or to figure out what he's talking about. I think Michael wrote a very solid script. The fans will love the episode."

Q: Michael, the spoilers for ?"The Lost City", does Daniel have a central role to play in this story and will we at last see the Jack and Daniel friendship scene you told the fans you know they're waiting for?

MS: "I don't recall saying there was a friendship scene that Jack and Daniel will experience in Lost City but I know there will some poignant character moments between the two of them."

Q: Michael, are you excited about the proposed changes for Season 8? Will there be plenty of new challenges for Daniel?

MS: "I'm sure there will be new challenges for Daniel but we will have to see what awaits the character in season 8."

Q: Michael, fans are SO proud you made the cover of TV Guide! I've already bought three copies for myself. Congratulations, Michael! How do you feel about it?

MS: "It's an honor and a privilege to represent our great television show in such a fashion."

Q: Michael, fans are excited and pleased that Amanda will be directing your episode in Season 7. How do YOU feel about that?

MS: "I sounds like a good opportunity for us to work in perfect harmony. I look forward to a great working relationship."

Q: Joe, who, in your opinion, is your favorite director in Stargate?

JM: "Well, after Michael Shanks, it would be a tie between Peter DeLuise and Martin Wood."

Q: Michael, any idea who the new colonel will be? Had a chance to work with him? Or is there an actor you'd be happy to have join you on SG-1?

MS: "As far as I know there is only one Colonel for SG-1 and his name is Jack O'Neill."

Q: What are you writing at the moment, Joe?

JM: "Paul and I are writing the last script, titled "Inauguration". Inauguration will see the return of an old enemy and set up the big, BIG two-part season finale."

Q: Michael, you said in several interviews that you would like to keep playing Daniel Jackson. It may depend on the course the show will be heading?

MS: "Of course. So long as the course of the show stays true the character will remain consistent and I will enjoy playing him."

2003, AXN.  Read the complete transcript.

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