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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks on the Wayne Brady Show
11th July 2003

Opening credit of guest list: Stargate hunk Michael Shanks!

Opening teaser intro by Wayne Brady:  And this guy, I love this him. If you don't watch Scifi you won't know him, but he plays Dr, Daniel Jackson on Stargate:SG-1. Michael Shanks will be stopping by and I'm so excited!

Intro to Michael Shanks segment on the show:

WB: After five successful years as Dr. Daniel Jackson on the Scifi Channel’s Stargate:SG-1, our next guest caused a fan frenzy when his character died, but I’m happy to report he’s back, he’s healthy and he has his job back. Just take a look.

Shows clip from Full Circle scene between Jack and Daniel in the Cartouche room on Abydos.

WB: YEAH! Please welcome Mr. Michael Shanks!

Michael enters the stage wearing a brown bulky pullover sweater with a white tee-shirt underneath, blue jeans and hiking boots. He has a smile on his face as he shakes hands with Wayne Brady. He sits down to talk.

MS: That was so schmaltzy.

WB: Yeah, yeah nothing will happen to them.

MS: A little jaw clenching there.

WB: How cool is it you play an action hero, getting to run around with those staffs blowing things up.

MS: <sounding wistful> I..I don’t get to do that.  That's the tough part.  It’s a great show that has so many great gadgets and stuff, and I get to be the guy in glasses who drops stuff. Whenever someone needs to be captured and tortured that’s where I fit in. So the rocket up the butt outfit…that doesn’t happen to me.

WB: One day, I'll have the rocket up the butt. <MS laughs and picks up his cup of coffee.> The fans.. <addresses the laughing audience> Shut up! The fans..and when I say the fans, I mean myself as well..all freaked out when you left cause the team just seemed so secure. <turns to audience> And this little note we share cause if you don’t get the Sci-Fi Channel or saw the show on Showtime, it’s a story of Stargate the movie basically, where <gestures to MS> why don’t you explain it.

MS: Oh God! It was sooo long ago. Well uh James Spader <interrupted by WB>

WB: You explain to all the guys <Michael laughs at this and continues>

MS: James Spader, Kurt Russell. A big circle is found in the desert of Egypt. They realize that aliens built the pyramids landing platforms and the circle transports you to other worlds and it’s called a Stargate. Did I do all right?

WB: Very good!

MS: Whew!

WB: And his team is called SG-1 and ah you’re the James Spader.

MS: <gives a funny eye-rolling look then smiles> I’m the James Spader…that’s trippy!

WB: James’s true. Now you’re a big fan of the scifi growing up.

MS: Oh yeah...huge. Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars..and all the toys. I still have all the toys and that’s really sad. Space 1999..the girl with the funky eyebrows.

WB: With Martin Landau?

MS: Yeah, Martin Landau...yeah, yeah. And Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica! I really liked that <gives a thumbs up and a smile>.

WB: I liked Apollo.

MS: Oh you’re an Apollo guy...yeah, yeah.

WB: And I loved the robotic dog that looked so weird<does impersonation of robot dog>.

MS: That right...oh no that was Buck Rogers..<WB tells him to get it right as he takes a sip of his coffee> with Erin Gray.

WB: Erin Gray, that’s right <addresses audience> I’m sorry, welcome to Big Geeks on Wayne Brady..<at this Michael almost spews his mouthful of coffee!> and in the next hour I’ll be an even bigger geek than anyone you know at home. < Turns to Michael> So you wanna play Dungeons and Dragons next? <MS laughs at this>. When did you decide you wanted to act?

MS: When I was on my way to go to my first audition for University and MacGyver was filming on the beach and Rick rolls out of his...I think he was driving a Viper or something like that at the time… sunglasses on.

WB: Now when you say Rick, you mean?

MS: Richard Dean Anderson...sorry… its habitual.. it took me along time to call him Rick...Richard… whatever. Dick is another popular one...for those in the know. <Michael laughs at some in-joke among the cast>

WB: I see.

MS: Well they were just filming there and all of a sudden it was the first time I’d ever been on set to watch the fascinating process of film making and it made me actually believe it wasn’t just a dream, that it could actually be was being done right there in the city, right down the way. And it’s just ironic that the first job I ever got is coming full circle and working with him and so that’s cool.

WB: That’s absolutely great and keep on doing your thing for the fans of Stargate and I’m very happy that you're back and look forward to many, many more seasons of you on Stargate. And thank you for coming all the way down here.

MS: <very heartfelt> Thank you. < he thanks the audience, then shakes Wayne Brady's hand>. God Bless.

WB: Michael Shanks, Stargate:SG-1. The season premiere is June 13th on The Sci-Fi Channel!

Transcript by Marla

2003, Stargate SG-1 Solutions.

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