2.12 "The Tok'ra Part 2" Episode Guide

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With the oldest and wisest of the Tok'ra dying and any hope of an alliance dying with her, Sam Carter comes up with a daring plan. If her father Jacob becomes host to Selmak, both will be saved. Hosts are the one thing Earth can offer the suspicious Tok'ra. As Jacob and Selmak make their choice to blend, the base is attacked by the Goa'uld.

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The Tok'ra have turned down Colonel Jack O'Neill and SG-1's request for an alliance against the Goa'uld because, as Garshaw explains, the earthlings don't offer enough rewards to justify the security breach. And the fact that none of the humans will act as host for Selmak, a Tok'ra whose host is dying, does little to build trust. Capt. Samantha Carter has an idea. Her father, Gen. Jacob Carter, is dying of cancer. If he will become a host, it will save both his life and that of Selmak. But when she and O'Neill return to the Stargate to propose the idea to the general, the Goa'uld, tipped off by a spy, launch an attack on the Tok'ra. The Tok'ra have enough warning to relocate, but by the time O'Neill, Carter, and her father return, the attack is underway. The bonding of two beings as sick as Gen. Carter and Selmak would be difficult under the best of circumstances. With Goa'uld death gliders filling the sky, it requires even greater risk and urgency.


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