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Streetwise Ally


Ally was a streetwise girl who befriended an ailing Teal'c in the Season Two episode, 2.10 "Bane."

Character Biography

Ally is a friendly, feisty, streetwise girl, but other children of the street did not want to play with her. She spent her summer days alone playing as if she were a cop dressed in her ball cap and sunglasses and toting a water gun in an abandoned building somewhere outside Colorado Springs, Colorado.

One day, while she was playing her solitary game, she met Teal'c. He was very ill and she thought that maybe he had checked out of a drug rehabilitation center too soon. Unfortunately, Teal'c was going through a strange transformation from the sting of a very large alien flying insect that he encountered on the planet BP6-3Q1. Because the venom delivered by this sting was overwriting Teal'c's DNA, Colonel Harry Maybourne and the NID were interested in studying him and took him from Dr.Janet Fraiser's care. While transporting him to their research facility, Teal'c escaped and found this same abandoned building in which to hide and that is how he met Ally.

Ally immediately befriended Teal'c and felt that he was no threat to her. She said that she knew that he was harmless because she inherited "the sense" from her late father who was a law enforcement officer. She told Teal'c that she could tell who was a bad guy by the way that he "smelled." Ally's father was fatally shot, presumably while on duty. Her mother worked all day so that she would have dinner to eat and a place to sleep. Basically, Ally was raising herself.

Although she came across as a tough kid, Ally has a generous heart. She was sympathetic to Teal'c's plight by first getting him something to eat (chocolate candy bars with peanuts and caramel) and then finding him a place in the building to hide from the police and from Maybourne. She was brave when she was discovered by an SF and brought before Maybourne to answer his questions about Teal'c's whereabouts. During her encounter with him, she showed a cynical attitude toward the government and brushed him off because she did not like the way he "smelled."

When she noticed that Teal'c's condition was worsening, caused by what she called "alien stuff", she offered to get him help from a few friends of her late father's, but Teal'c told her to contact Colonel Jack O'Neill. She went through over fifteen phone calls and transfers, but she finally reached O'Neill at the SGC. Her persistence in her effort to reach O'Neill showed how much she really cared about Teal'c. Ally saved Teal'c's life by remaining calm and clear-headed.

After O'Neill and Daniel Jackson discovered Teal'c and got him back to the SGC for a cure produced by a renowned geneticist, Dr. Timothy Harlow, Teal'c and Jackson returned to find Ally in the abandoned building. Teal'c gave her a new super water gun as a token of his appreciation for her help. Ally invited Teal'c to play and he accepted.

During her conversations with Teal'c, we learn that Ally had seen several movies: The Godfather, The Fugitive, and at least one James Bond production. We don't learn anything more about her after this encounter.


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