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Dr. Timothy Harlow


Dr. Timothy Harlow was a geneticist who was brought in to develop a cure for Teal'c who had been injected with a retrovirus venom by an insect SG-1 encountered on BP6-3Q1. (2.10 "Bane")

Character Biography

When Carter was assigned to the Pentagon, she had the chance to work with Dr. Timothy Harlow, one of the world's top geneticists who had full security clearance. General Hammond made arrangements to have Dr. Harlow flown to Colorado in order to help develop a cure for Teal'c. Dr. Harlow read the briefing on the Stargate Program on the airplane ride and was overwhelmed with the idea of alien life.

He immediately identified that the venom which had been injected into Teal'c had delivered a retrovirus which was overwriting Teal'c's DNA. Eventually, Teal'c would be transformed into several of the insect creatures based on equal mass conversion. Dr. Harlow was able to develop a drug which would slow down the transformation enough to allow Teal'c's symbiote to take care of the remaining healing. This drug, however, would not work on humans.

Col. Harry Maybourne of the NID had wanted Teal'c to completely transform so that he could be studied and a biological weapon could be developed against the Goa'uld. He obtained orders to have Teal'c carried to a nearby facility, but Teal'c escaped en route. Eventually, General Hammond was able to have Maybourne's orders to study Teal'c cancelled and they successfully located Teal'c in time to have him cured. Not wishing for his work to be used as a biological weapon, Dr. Harlow offered to claim that a lab accident destroyed the insect specimen that SG-1 brought back for him to study in order to develop the drug, as well as all of his research notes.


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