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Woolsey and Hammond face off in NID audit


The NID is a United States government organization that runs clandestine operations watching over key top secret projects, such as the Stargate program. While not corrupt in and of itself, many of the organization's employees have been recruited to engage in illegal activities. The NID seems to be more civilian run, but they have had a history of some military members attached to their service with offices in the Pentagon.

What does the NID stand for? That's classified. Although it's very likely the "I" stands for "Intelligence" based on O'Neill's reaction on hearing the acronym (1.18 "Enigma").

Agency History

The NID is a clandestine government organization, similar to the CIA, FBI, NSA. Its specific mandate is to keep an eye on top secret projects, such as the Stargate Program (6.17 "Disclosure"). Many times the NID has been a direct rival to the SGC in control of the Stargate and the technology received through it (2.14 "Touchstone", 6.08 "Nightwalkers", et al). Colonel Maybourne, assigned to NID explained: "This facility [the SGC] is front-line. Your mandate is search and retrieval. Mine is research and development." (2.10 "Bane").

The NID was known for keeping its own secrets from Stargate Command–conducting added experiments, knowledge of other planets, such as the Furling one where O'Neill and Maybourne later got trapped (6.15 "Paradise Lost"). Daniel encapsulated the role of the NID perfectly when he snarkily declared them "Men in Black" after a faceoff in a warehouse (5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme"). Despite these inter-deparmental rivalries, the NID in of itself is a legitimate agency with several personnel serving their country with integrity, such as Malcolm Barrett and Richard Woolsey (6.14 "Smoke and Mirrors", 7.20 "Inauguration"). They have worked with Stargate Command as much as against it.

The agency (at least in later seasons) is civilian run (6.17 "Disclosure"). However, it was first identified as military intelligence (1.03 "The Enemy Within"). Several military officers have been assigned to the NID (1.17 "Enigma", 5.03 "Ascension" et al). Both Colonels Maybourne and Simmons operated out of the Pentagon, the latter having an elaborate office (5.11 "Desperate Measures").

In later seasons, the NID's role became to police itself. Hammond had his own suspicions of politicians behind the military pulling the strings of trying to set up the SGC mandate (2.14 "Touchstone"). These same factions ended up developing their own rogue group within the NID: Maybourne ran some of programs, but even he admitted to getting orders from higher, civilian authorities. Woolsey summarized the cancer within the agency as follows: "As I'm sure you're aware, the NID does not exactly have a spotless record. For several years, a group of rogue agents operated inside of its ranks. They were acting on behalf of a cabal of international business interests, intent on acquiring alien technology for their own profit." (7.20 "Inauguration") It became the top priority of Agent Barrett and other honest NID agents to purge these agents from their ranks (6.14 "Smoke and Mirrors"). Later the agency continued to track down these rogue members as they operated outside any government authority as "The Trust" (8.07 "Affinity" et seq.)

SGC Encounters with NID

Seasons One through Three

NID Maybourne reports to SGC
Maybourne & SG-1 at NID controlled Area 51
O'Neill infiltrates rogue NID

The SGC's initial interactions with NID were with its military division. Colonel Kennedy, from military intelligence, arrived at the SGC to interrogate Teal'c soon after he betrayed Apophis and returned with SG-1 and 2 from Chulak (1.03 "The Enemy Within"). He was courteous, but firm in his evaluation, and was one of the obstacles O'Neill contended with to get Teal'c on SG-1. When it was discovered Charlie Kawalsky had been infested by a Goa'uld, Kennedy was concerned at the proposed surgery removing it from Kawalsky. Charlie's survival chances were slim, and the potential intelligence that could be gathered from the genetic knowledge of the symbiote was almost too tempting to resist. Hammond coldly disagreed and trumped Kennedy's threats by pointing out his direct line to the President.

While Kennedy was only identified as "military intelligence" Colonel Harry Maybourne identified himself specifically as NID, as well as specifically Kennedy's replacement, thus implying both were part of that agency (1.17 "Enigma"). Maybourne's actions were much more forceful than Kennedy's when Tollan survivors ended up as refugees at the SGC. He did an end-run around Hammond by getting orders from the President to transfer the Tollans to NID control at a facility "in the Rockies" before arriving at the SGC. Hammond stalled by citing medical quarantine procedures. SG-1...and more specifically, Dr. Jackson and Teal'c, since they could not be court martialed, worked with the Tollan to reach the Nox. Mayboure tried to prevent the Tollan from leaving, even ordering the SFs to open fire on Daniel, Teal'c and the aliens, but Lya made the weapons disappear, thwarting Maybourne, who returned to Washington.

The spectre of the NID hung over the SGC missions afterwards. When Sam was infected by the Tok'ra Jolinar, Daniel expressed concern that her condition would leak to NID guys like Maybourne (2.02 "In the Line of Duty"). Both O'Neill and Hammond insisted that wouldn't happen this time. They weren't so lucky when Teal'c was bitten by an alien insect on BP6-3Q1 (2.10 "Bane"). While they tried to keep his condition secret, a specialist Sam called in, Dr. Timothy Harlow, revealed it to Maybourne. Harlow believed Maybourne would have better resources to treat Teal'c. He was horrified when he realized Maybourne cared nothing for Teal'c's life and merely wanted to study the metamorphosis as a potential biological weapon. During transport, Teal'c escaped. Hammond reached the President to countermand Maybourne's orders regarding recapture, but Maybourne was still free to search himself. Luckily SG-1 found their teammate first.

While O'Neill never stated anything aloud, he apparently suspected the NID was responsible for the death of Armin Selig. Selig was an investigative reporter who was getting too close to the truth of the Stargate program (2.09 "Secrets"). He was killed in a hit-and-run while walking away from O'Neill in Washington, D.C. Joe Spencer later articulated this reasoning when concerned about contacting the SGC himself to see if it really did exist (8.15 "Citizen Joe"). Since Spencer had a mental connection with O'Neill via Ancient technology, it's very likely this was Jack's own conclusion.

Maybourne and the NID didn't leave the "search and retrieval" to the SGC. SG-1 discovered "another team" stole the Touchstone from Madrona, and evidence showed it was being used on Earth near Nellis Air Force Base (2.14 "Touchstone"). When SG-1 realized the second Stargate recovered from Antarctica was stored at Nellis/Groom/Lake/Area 51, and Maybourne had himself transferred to Area 51, they suspected the truth. Maybourne showed them the second Stargate, but Carter quickly noticed it was a plastic decoy. He claimed authorization and that it was too classified to reveal to SG-1...even though Jack had the highest "military" clearance. This was the first indication civilians were truly pulling the strings of NID. Hammond pulled some strings of his own and discovered unusual activity at an off the books NID landing strip southeast of Parowan, Utah. It was there SG-1 recovered the Antarctic Stargate and the Touchstone. While they arrested some of the individuals, Maybourne seemed too slick to escape the net. The Antarctic Stargate was put under the SGC's direct control.

While SG-1 shut down the NID's Stargate on Earth, Maybourne continued to run an off-world program. These rogue teams were stealing whatever advanced technology they could find. Smaller items were smuggled to Earth using moles within the SG teams, and larger units were studied on their offworld base (3.18 "Shades of Grey"). This activity did not go unnoticed by the SGC's allies such as the Asgard and Tollan. Colonel O'Neill went undercover to infiltrate the rogue NID operation and expose them. His mission was a success: the stolen technology was returned, the offworld NID base discovered, and Colonel Makepeace of SG-3 was revealed to be the SGC mole. All the rogue NID, including Makepeace, were arrested to be tried for treason—the punishment including the death penalty.

Seasons Four and Five

Maybourne & O'Neill confront Kinsey about rogue NID actions
NID "Men in Black" face off with SGC personnel
former NID Col. Grieves bonds with the "Sentinel"

Several months after the NID's unofficial Stargate program was shut down, the NID approached Hammond directly, strongly hinting he should become more aggressive in his policies to gain access to more offworld technology (4.15 "Chain Reaction"). When Hammond refused to go against his principles, they kidnapped his granddaughters–only driving them around for a few hours, but enough that Hammond got the message. He retired. General Bauer became commander–it is unclear if he was directly under NID control, or if he was just more amenable to their way of thinking–an unwitting patsy. He split up SG-1 and pursued aggressive development of weapons technology. O'Neill, on involuntary leave, learned how the NID blackmailed Hammond.

Maybourne had escaped the raid on the rogue program, but had since been arrested for defecting to Russia (see 4.01 "Small Victories" and 4.07 "Watergate"). O'Neill visited Maybourne in his holding cell, offering to get his death sentence commuted to life imprisonment (4.15 "Chain Reaction"). Instead, Maybourne convinces him to ask the President for a furlough and he and Jack do some off the books investigating. He explained the NID intelligence network as a number of cells: "They communicate with each other by accessing bulletin boards online. Information is deposited on any number of firewall-protected floating servers and accessed using decoding software and passwords." Maybourne and O'Neill crashed a party at Senator Kinsey's home, where they confronted him about his connections to the NID and all the money the agency "funneled" into his reelection campaign. Hacking into his computer, they found ties between Kinsey and NID actions with Area 51, the Russians, and blackmailing Hammond. O'Neill and Hammond pocketed this information as insurance against further threats against the SGC and getting Hammond reinstated as SGC commander. Maybourne escaped federal custody soon after with his own copies of the NID information.

These actions may have curtailed the NID's influence, but it didn't stop them from trying to influence events at Stargate Command. Colonel Simmons became the new Pentagon watchdog, although it was unclear at first he was NID. After SG-1 discovered a powerful device on Velona, Simmons arrived to supervise the results of the testing (5.03 "Ascension"). After Major Carter professed concerns about the device, Simmons had her under surveillance–capturing pictures of her interacting with Orlin (a former ascended made human who followed her home from Velona) and noting deliveries to her house. He ordered special forces to surround her home and take the alien into custody. O'Neill convinced Simmons to let Sam go and try and talk Orlin out–instead both escaped to Velonathrough a temporary Stargate Orlin constructed in her basement.

Though thwarted at snatching Orlin, Simmons returned when 3/4 of SG-1 returned worried about leaving Jack O'Neill and a "fifth member" of their team behind (5.04 "The Fifth Man"). Concerned about being compromised, Simmons was sent to investigate. Meanwhile, Carter hacked into the SGC database and noticed an outsider user named "4574" has been accessing SG-1's personnel files and mission logs for a few weeks. Simmons interrogated Dr. Jackson, Maj. Carter and Teal'c concerned of potential alien influences in Stargate Command. Based on his questions, SG-1 and Hammond began to question Simmons's authority and who was his commander. Hammond wasn't sure if Simmons was like Bauer, a patsy, or not, but based on the political motivations behind this investigation, he suspected Simmons was being controlled by the corrupt branch of the NID and ordered Simmons to leave.

When Major Carter was kidnapped on Earth, Maybourne returned from hiding to help O'Neill track her down–mentioning O'Neill should talk to "User 4574" (5.11 "Desperate Measures"). O'Neill tracked Simmons down at the Pentagon, confirming the colonel was taking his orders from NID. Simmons pointed out NID's mandate was legitimate US agency that provided oversight to top secret projects, and O'Neill's opinion was influenced by black sheep such as Maybourne–including Maybourne getting paid $3 million in an offshore account. Jack tracked down Harry, who was still investigating Sam Carter's whereabouts. They joined forces with SG-1 and support teams to rescue Carter from the millionaire businessman, Adrian Conrad. Conrad wanted to be infested with a Goa'uld to save his life, and wanted to know how Carter survived afterwards. The team rescued Sam, but Conrad escaped with the help of Colonel Simmons, who, unseen, shot O'Neill in the back.

Despite Simmons questionable tactics, he was accurate in stating the NID was a legitimate oversight agency. When alien fugitive refugees were trying to escape Earth in their abandoned spacecraft, an NID team headed by Agent Malcolm Barrett tried to take them into custody (5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme"). The SGC were also tracking the aliens down based on their previous experience with one of them, Martin Lloyd. In a direct faceoff, the NID gained priority jurisdiction. SG-1, convinced the refugees meant no harm, helped the refugees evade the NID. Lloyd remained on Earth, content with his new home.

Simmons returned when an accident with the Stargate trapped Teal'c in the energy buffer (5.14 "48 Hours"). He brought in Area 51's foremost expert on the Stargate, Doctor Rodney McKay, who conjectured Teal'c's pattern would degrade within 48 hours and thus convinced the Pentagon of same. While Carter worked with McKay, Daniel negotiated with the Russians, and Jack was confronted by the renegade Maybourne, who'd continued to hack NID files and knew of Teal'c's situation. He warned Jack about Simmons just as Simmons was trying to bribe Hammond with a way to save Teal'c in exchange for a hand device. Maybourne knew all the official and unofficial safe houses the NID held, and thus noted when Simmons made an unscheduled stop in Minot, North Dakota. O'Neill and Maybourne tracked down the safe house and found the Goa'ulded Adrian Conrad in custody there. Surveillance tapes of Simmons and the Goa'uld interrogation sessions were enough to have Simmons arrested. They also were able to figure out how to rematerialize Teal'c's pattern without harm.

Aside from dealing with the NID on Earth, the SGC was continuing to smooth over ruffled feathers from Maybourne's rogue exploration program from a couple years ago (5.18 "The Sentinel"). SG-9 revisited one such planet, P2A-018, to reestablish contact with the native Latonans and try and establish diplomatic relations and get access to their "Sentinel" which has protected the natives from Goa'uld for centuries. The Goa'uld attacked while the team was there, and the SGC suspected the NID did something to the device. Two of the arrested members agreed to a commutation of their death sentences to help SG-1 fix the device on P2Z-018. One, Col. Sean Grieves, sacrificed his life to restore the Sentinel, and the Latonans were safe once more.

Season Six

NID patrol Steveston, Oregon
Rogue NID steal X-303
Barrett and Carter join forces to suss out corrupt NID

Even without Adrian Conrad, his company Zetatron Industries, through its subsidiary Immunotech, continued their research on the Goa'uld symbiote–cloning it. As strange happenings started occurring in the company town of Steveston, Oregon, the NID started a three month long investigation (6.05 "Nightwalkers"). A researcher, Dr. Flemming, contacted Maj. Carter and blew the whistle on Immuntech's research. The NID stepped in on SG-1's investigation. They knew what had happened to the townspeople but were letting it happen until the cloned symbiotes finished building a spaceship. What NID didn't realize was that one of the agents they'd inserted undercover in the town, Agent Singer, had been infected with Goa'uld. When the operation was blown, NID swarmed in to lock down the town, not realizing the town was on to them and both their lead agents were now Goa'uld. The townspeople had also infested Major Carter, but forewarned, she had injected herself with Flemming's serum which acted as a vaccine.

Even though that was a legitimate operation, many members of the rogue NID were still at large and causing trouble. In a well planned operation, they became part of a television network film crew (6.11 "Prometheus"). Working with an investigative reporter for over a year, they were primed when she was given exclusive rights to view and film the secret X-303 project, an interstellar space cruiser. The camera crew hijacked the ship and held it hostage–demanding the release of both the Goa'uld Conrad and Frank Simmons. Once they got the two men on board, they finished work on the engines and flew the ship away. SG-1 was able to take the ship back, but not before it left Earth. Both Conrad and Simmons were among those killed during the struggle.

The rogue NID were not finished with their plans. They were able to steal mimicking devices from Area 51 (6.14 "Smoke and Mirrors"). These devices had imitated the appearance of certain personnel at the SGC in an alien Foothold a few years ago. Agent Devlin pretended to be O'Neill and tried to assassinate Kinsey. As it turned out, Kinsey had been turned by Agent Barrett, who'd been tasked by the White House to clean house at the NID and SGC and track down all the rogue agency members. Kinsey was providing testimony, so the NID tried to silence him–by also pointing the finger at a hated enemy. While the rest of SG-1 tried to clear O'Neill's name, Maj. Carter and Agt. Barrett joined forces to track down the rogue unit. She revealed the existence of the mimic devices; Barrett revealed Kinsey wasn't really dead. They discovered a group of unethical businessmen, calling themselves "The Committee", were pulling the strings of the rogue NID. They stopped the Committee, cleared O'Neill's name, and Kinsey recovered enough to be able to run for President.

Even though the rogue NID had tried to have Kinsey killed, somehow they convinced him to stay in their corner. He transferred his senate committee from being chair of Appropriations to becoming Chair of Intelligence Oversight, the senate body with direct control over the NID (6.17 "Disclosure"). When Maj. Davis and Gen. Hammond were instructed to inform certain other governments of the existence of the Stargate Program, Kinsey crashed the briefing. He took advantage of the ambassadors' dismay at learning such advanced technology was in the hands of the U.S. military and suggested the NID take control of the program as a compromise. His efforts were deflected by Hammond calling in a favor from Thor, who beamed into the meeting to give his support to Stargate Command, convincing the diplomats to keep the status quo.

Season Seven and Eight

Woolsey interrogates Daniel Jackson in NID audit
Anna held in secret rogue NID warehouse
Old NID stockpile of symbiote poison

The next time the NID was noticeably present at the SGC was after an ill-fated search and rescue mission to P3X-666 that resulted in several injuries, like Colonel O'Neill and the fatality of the base CMO, Doctor Janet Fraiser (7.18 "Heroes Part 2"). A civilian NID representative, Richard Woolsey, was sent to conduct an audit of the incident before even the memorial happened. Agent Barrett clandestinely sent Woolsey's file to Samantha Carter, including an internal NID memo Woolsey wrote on the economics of the SGC. Woolsey interviewed various personnel, including the non-injured members of SG-1, who were understandably antagonistic. Hammond used his report as his testimony, confronting Woolsey on what he considered a dollar value to an SGC member. Woolsey protested he was talking about the training and resources, not a monetary figure on a person's life, but understood it was time to leave.

While O'Neill was still on leave recovering from his wounds, Agent Barrett called the rest of SG-1 to consult on a rogue NID sleeper cell they had discovered in a Los Angeles warehouse. At least thirty-two people were slaughtered by a woman named Anna. The only other survivor was a rogue NID scientist named Keffler, and he refused to talk. As it turned out, Keffler had done some genetic research and created almost a type of harcesis, a Goa'uld/human hybrid in Anna–likely using the nanite aging research Area 51 studied from SG-1's Argos mission. Anna's rapid aging and genetic makeup made her unstable, with multiple personalities. Keffler had many Goa'uld artifacts he inherited from his family–some taken by the Nazis. One of these artifacts turned out to be a Goa'uld bomb. Barrett had the local authorities try to evacuate the area while Teal'c and Bill Lee tried to disarm it. Finally, Anna remembered how to disarm the bomb, and she left that clue while seeking to kill Keffler and destroy herself before her body completely shut down. Barrett and the NID covered up the entire incident.

As it turned out, Woolsey's audit of Fraiser's death was part of a grander investigation Senator Kinsey was setting up to reveal to the new U.S. President, Henry Hayes. Kinsey was able to become Hayes's running mate and thus had his ear as soon as Hayes discovered the truth of the Stargate Program (7.20 " Inauguration"). He set up a meeting whereby Woolsey presented his report to President Hayes. Hayes, already concerned about Kinsey's motives, including the source of his campaign donations, asked the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Maynard, to sit in on the meeting. Maynard provided counterpoint defense to many of Woolsey and Kinsey's arguments. Kinsey went further than even Woolsey had expected, suggesting an improper relationship between O'Neill and Carter without proper evidence.

Woolsey was despondent that his report did not seem to convince the President. He was even more upset that Kinsey didn't seem to be bothered— making veiled hints Hayes could be assassinated. He knew of the rogue element in the NID and was concerned Kinsey was involved with them. After a conversation with General Maynard, Woolsey went to Hammond. Hammond became convinced of his sincerity and released one copy of the evidence Maybourne and O'Neill had unearthed a few years ago at Kinsey's home. Woolsey presented this evidence to President Hayes.

Hayes did nothing with the information at first. While he did not follow Kinsey's recommendation to put the NID in charge, he did have a civilian, Elizabeth Weir, in charge of Stargate Command (7.21 "Lost City Part 1"). He had Hammond come to Washington. During an immediate crisis of Goa'uld attack, Kinsey's interference became too much and Hayes finally forced his resignation (7.22 "Lost City Part 2").

While agents of the rogue NID had finally been purged from the agency, but even after a year outside of government roles, they still caused trouble as well-financed civilians, calling themselves "The Trust" (8.10 "Endgame" and 8.07 "Affinity"). Eventually, several agents were chased away from Earth in a stolen al'kesh to escape being destroyed by Prometheus (8.10 "Endgame"). When this al'kesh returned, they had been infested with Goa'uld, ironically the very mission both the rogue and legitimate NID had been fighting against (8.14 "Full Alert").

Seasons Nine, Ten, and Atlantis

Daniel and NID agent on stakeout
Barrett interrogating Ba'al
Barrett at SGC regarding Trust infiltration of Atlantis

Agent Malcolm Barrett's main mission was now to track down these Goa'uld "Trust" members (9.07 "Ex Deus Machina"). When a Jaffa was hit by a car in a Washington D.C. suburb, both SG-1 and NID investigated. NID agents took note of disappearances in a nearby defense contractor corporation called Farrow Marshall, and started surveillance on other such executives. They uncovered a conspiracy whereby Ba'al now headed the Trust, The now Free Jaffa Nation had discovered Ba'al's location and were willing to go after him on Earth regardless of consequences. Even more confusing, Ba'al appeared to be in more than one place at once. Ba'al threatened a naquadah enriched explosion in Seattle if they did not back down. NID and SG-1 raided the Trust corporation while Free Jaffa forces headed by Gerak kidnapped Ba'al...or at least one version of him. The raid of the facility showed Ba'al had made several clones of himself.

Barrett was still tracking down rogue Goa'uld/Trust agents when he discovered they had somehow infiltrated Atlantis (SGA 2.13 Critical Mass). He learned of some sort of sabotage that would destroy the city when it next contacted Earth. Barrett immediately contacted Gen. Landry at the SGC, and worked collaboratively with Carter, Bill Lee and other scientists to uncover more information. As it turned out, Atlantis expedition members discovered the saboteur was Daedalus captain Steven Caldwell, who had been taken over by a Goa'uld. The city was saved, and Caldwell's Goa'uld was removed.

Barrett's work knocking down the Trust led him again to Stargate Command when Ba'al surrendered himself to the SGC (10.04 "Insiders"). Old rivalries appeared as Barrett wanted the NID to take custody of the Goa'uld and interrogate him away from the SGC. Even interrogating him at Stargate Command bore little fruit—at least for the interrogators. Ba'al had set up his capture as an elaborate plot to gain intelligence from the SGC. He used his brainwashing technology to enlist Barrett to his cause and help he and his clones escape with the information. Barrett had no memory of how he was used, and was devastated to learn it.

Malcolm later recovered and he and other NID agents provided useful information to the SGC when Col. Mitchell and Gen. Landry discovered they were being spied on by a Trust agent using new stolen technology (10.05 "Uninvited"). NID agents held everyone who had access to the lab to discover the new leak and lock it down. Later Barrett provided other useful information to the SGC such as Trust safehouses where a kidnapped Vala Mal Doran could be held (10.08 "Memento Mori"). On another occasion, an NID operative undercover inside the Trust learned of an offworld meeting of all the Ba'al clones taking place on P3R-112 (10.19 "Dominion"). Barrett relayed this information to Stargate Command.

Barrett was also asked by Woolsey (who now worked for the IOA) to act as liaison when Rodney McKay's sister, Jeannie Miller was kidnapped (SGA 4.09 "Miller's Crossing"). NID agents worked with CSIS (the Canadian version of CIA) in the investigation. When McKay cracked the Trojan the kidnappers had put on Miller's computer, he and Barrett went on their own to investigate. Rodney too was kidnapped, while Barrett was knocked unconscious. After he recovered, he helped McKay's teammates continue the investigation, sharing all of NID's files on Trust companies who may have had an interest in kidnapping the McKay siblings. They worked in a room at the SGC poring through the information. NID's files also listed all companies who had access to Stargate-related technology, including the one owned by Henry Wallace--the true kidnapper. Both Rodney and Jeanie were recovered.

Associates of NID

  • Agent Malcolm Barrett is an honest NID agent who worked to fight alien incursion on Earth as well as to purge the rogue elements from his agency.
  • Agent Cross was an undercover NID agent monitoring the clone Goa'uld infestation in Steveston, Oregon. He called in a lockdown of the town before becoming Goa'ulded himself.
  • Agent Mark Devlin was a rogue NID agent who used the mimic devices to tried to assassinate Senator Kinsey and frame Jack O'Neill and Paul Davis for the attempts.
  • Col. Sean Grieves conducted rogue NID offworld missions. On one occasion to P3Y-924, he killed three people stealing a weapon. He was sentenced to death on Earth, but later gave his life fixing the Sentinal on Latona.
  • Jennings was an ex-NID agent who now worked for the Trust.
  • Jones was one of the rogue NID fake news crew that took over Prometheus. She was in charge of the bridge controls and was killed by the Goa'uld they allied with.
  • Keffler was a genetic scientist who had inherited many Goa'uld devices through his family. He invented the Goa'uld/human hybrid Anna. She later killed him for the torture he had put her through.
  • Col. Kennedy was a member of military intelligence called in to do investigations at Stargate Command, including the interrogation of Teal'c and a Goa'uld'ed Kawalsky.
  • Lt. Kershaw was one of the rogue NID on offworld missions captured during O'Neill's undercover mission. She was with Grieves on the first mission to Latona and joined him and SG-1 to make reparations. She died of a staff wound on Latona.
  • Senator Robert Kinsey was a United States Senator who had ties to several rogue members of the NID when he was with the Appropriations Committee, and later direct oversight of the agency as head of Intelligence Oversight
  • Col. Harry Maybourne was head of the more unofficial NID activities until they were finally exposed in the sting operation. Later, he ended up as a quasi-fugitive, but used his sources and knowledge of NID information to help the SGC from time to time.
  • Maj. Newman was the leader off the rogue offworld Stargate program until Col. O'Neill took over during his undercover stint. Newman was arrested along with his colleagues.
  • NID Agent Reynolds was one of the rogue NID fake news crew that took over Prometheus
  • Sanderson was one of the rogue NID fake news crew that took over Prometheus.
  • Smith was the leader of the fake news crew that took over Prometheus.
  • Col. Frank Simmons was a corrupt agent stationed at the Pentagon to oversee SGC activites. He manipulated events including to capture the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad and the hijacking of Prometheus. He was taken over by the Goa'uld in Conrad and later killed by O'Neill and Teal'c.
  • Agent Singer was an undercover NID agent monitoring the clone Goa'uld infestation in Steveston Oregon before becoming infested with a symbiote and revealing the agency's plans to the Goa'uld.
  • Lt. Clare Tobias was an engineer who studied the alien technology the offworld rogue Stargate team stole but was too large to hand off to their contact within the SGC. She was captured with everyone else in the sting operation.
  • Richard Woolsey was a lawyer who worked as counsel for the military before joining the NID to oversee secret operations. While zealous in his investigations, he prided himself on his impartiality and tried to do his part to expose the rogue contingent in his midst. He later became part of the IOA.

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