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Grimsby was a member of the ill-fated Red Team, a medical unit of Stargate Command. Red Team was called away from inoculations on the planet designated "865" to help SG-1 solve a medical mystery, why all the villagers of Vagonbrei appeared to die in their sleep. When his teammate Ackerman also succumbed to the "sleeping sickness", solving the mystery became more important.

Like the rest of Red Team, Grimsby was suffering several hours of sleep deprivation, twice as long as SG-1. Later it was discovered a parasite caused the infection and was also increasing the brain's need for sleep. Grimsby worked with Daniel Jackson, poring through the archives for clues. He stopped before Daniel and headed back to the house the two teams were using as headquarters. Unfortunately, he never arrived. He fell asleep in a haystack en route. Whether or not Grimsby recovered from the infection is unknown, but his two teammates unfortunately died during the mission.


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