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Dr. Reimer, leader of Red Team


Red Team was a medical unit in Stargate Command.

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Bernie Ackerman (on right)

The three man Red Team, made up of Dr. Reimer, Bernie Ackerman, and Grimsby, were called away from their inoculation work on 865 to help SG-1 solve a medical mystery on the planet Vagonbrei. All the villagers appeared to die in their sleep and only skeletons remained. Red Team was already tired from putting in a long day on the previous planet; Ackerman particularly was grumpy about pulling a double shift.

This mystery became more urgent when Ackerman succumbed to the "sleeping sickness". Dr. Reimer ordered both teams to remain quarantined on the planet with supplies sent over from the SGC. Members of Red Team and SG-1 took stimulants to fight off the increasing desire to sleep. Soon after Dr. Jackson and Lt. Col. Carter discovered Grimsby had also fallen victim to the disease, Reimer noted his teammate Ackerman died. An autopsy performed by Reimer and Carter showed a parasite had engorged on the melatonin produced from the sleeping Ackerman, causing a ruptured aneurysm.

Carter and Reimer continued to work on creating a cure for the infection, but the continued use of stimulants took their toll on Reimer. He suffered a fatal heart attack. A hazmat team came to rescue the Vagonbrei expedition just as SG-1 also succumbed to the infection. SG-1 recovered, but Grimsby's fate is unclear.


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