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Spaceship of Alien Fugitives


The human aliens were fugitives on Earth after they defected when their planet's war with the Goa'uld did not fare well. Some of the fugitives chose to leave Earth because they were not able to keep their identities a secret from the NID. (4.11 "Point Of No Return", 5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme")

Stargate References

The people of the fugitives' planet were of an advanced civilization, having spaceflight capability. One day, a Goa'uld attempted to subjugate the people and they fought back. A large-scale war broke out, leaving no survivors on the planet. The Goa'uld was never identified. (4.11 "Point Of No Return")

A spaceship with a five person crew were sent to Earth from the planet to enlist help, but when realizing Earth was not as technologically advanced, the crew deserted. The men onboard took an escape pod to Earth and tried to fit into the society. One of them became a psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Tanner. Another, Martin Lloyd, couldn't get his identity out of his mind and so Tanner drugged him to keep him quiet. The drugs which Lloyd took made him very paranoid and he became a conspiracy theorist. He contacted the U.S. government and told them all about the conspiracies and secret programs he knew, including the Stargate Program. (4.11 "Point Of No Return")

SG-1 was assigned to investigate Martin and they uncovered his true identity, as well as the identity of Martin's fellow alien fugitives. They had all defected when they saw that the war was not winnable. Eventually, Tanner and two of his fellow fugitives recalled their spaceship and took off for parts unknown in order to avoid being captured by the NID. Lloyd chose to stay on Earth and pursue a career in writing for television. His first show, "Wormhole X-Treme", was fashioned after the Stargate Program, but didn't last further than one episode. (4.11 "Point Of No Return", 5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme", 8.15 "Citizen Joe")

Notable Characters

  • Martin Lloyd - He was drugged by his fellow fugitives in order to keep their identity a secret, but he stopped his medication and remembered them. He chose to stay on Earth to pursue a career in writing for television.
  • Dr. Peter Tanner - He posed as a phychiatist and kept Martin Lloyd drugged to prevent his and his fellow fugitives' identities from being exposed. Once they were discovered, Tanner, Bob, and another fugitive left Earth in their spaceship which they had recalled.
  • Bob - one of the other crew members, Bob followed "Dr. Tanner's" orders. He kept an eye on Martin under the guise of "Steve Austin" on the set of Wormhole X-Treme. He left with Tanner on the recalled spaceship.
  • Ted - one of the alien fugitives. Ted disappeared after the first encounter with SG-1 in Montana. His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • No known alliances.


  • Goa'uld - A Goa'uld came to their world and demanded that they worship him as a god. The people fought back using their advanced technology (they had spaceships) and their world was destroyed, leaving no survivors. The Goa'uld was not identified.


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