4.11 "Point Of No Return" Episode Guide

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When a quirky conspiracy theorist contacts SG-1 claiming to know classified information about the Stargate, at first they think he's bluffing. But when they investigate his wild claims, they realize he's a lot closer to the truth than they thought…and has a few more shocking surprises up his sleeve.

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The SGC is contacted by a rambling individual who claims full knowledge of a host of government conspiracies, from the Kennedy cover-up to CIA-sanctioned microwave harassment of Libertarian candidates. He sounds like a crackpot, someone hardly worthy of their attention—until he mentions the Stargate. General Hammond wants to play it safe. They need to check this guy out. Colonel Jack O'Neill meets with the mystery caller, a nebbishy fellow named Martin Lloyd, who insists he is an alien and in possession of a spaceship (whose location slips his mind at the moment). O'Neill is ready to dismiss Martin as a harmless nut and head back to Cheyenne Mountain. However, a series of strange occurrences begin to suggest that maybe, just maybe, there could be some truth to his story.


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