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Nem of Oannes


The Beings of Oannes were amphibious humanoid creatures. The only one SG-1 met was Nem, who lived on P3X-866 in an underwater home.

Stargate References

The only frame of reference for the Oannes is Nem. Based on that, the Oannes were an amphibious species who lived for thousands of years. They were technologically and linguistically advanced. After Nem heard Daniel translating Babylonian into English for a short time, he was able to extrapolate how to speak the language himself.

It is unclear if Nem was the last of his kind, or even if P3X-866 was the Oannes homeworld. The species travelled. Four thousand years ago, Nem's mate Omoroca went to Earth to help the Tau'ri break off their enslavement from the Goa'uld Belus. It is unclear if this proactive nature was typical of Oannes or not. Nem took an opposite tact of waiting in his home for news. Obviously at least one Oannes could be very patient, as he waited over four millenia, and was content to wait longer for Daniel Jackson's memory of Omoroca to surface without external aid.

Nem made his home underwater a short distance from the beach. His home was technologically advanced, though spartan in decor, with air breathing interior and forcefields holding back the water from large openings. He also had advanced weaponry and machines which could manipulate and retrieve human memories. His native speech was more akin to Akkadian, or at least the written cuneiform text.

Notable Characters

  • Nem — lonely Oannes being who waited for the return of his mate Omoroca. When SG-1 came to his planet, he implanted the memory of Daniel Jackson's death in the minds of the others and kidnapped Daniel, since he knew of Babylon and could reveal his mate's fate.
  • Omoroca — mate of Nem, Omoroca travelled to Earth to free the people from Belus, a Goa'uld. According to what Daniel Jackson recalled, texts say that Omoroca was killed by Belus (torn asunder).


  • Although at first believing SG-1 to be his enemy because of Teal'c's presence, Nem and Daniel Jackson formed a kinship from both losing their mates to the Goa'uld and could be considered an ally.


  • Goa'uld — the Oannes and Goa'uld were enemies for millenia. Omoroca travelled to Earth to defy and defeat them during their reign on Earth and was killed for her efforts. Nem considered the Jaffa and the Goa'uld to be enemies.


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