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Bynarr, Lord of Netu


Bynarr was a Goa'uld in service to the System Lord Sokar and held the office of Lord of Netu.

Character Biography

Sokar reconfigured Netu, the moon of the planet Delmak, to resemble Hell and used it as a prison for those who fell out of his favor. Bynarr was the Lord of Netu, the keeper of the denizens. He took the Tok'ra spy Rosha/Jolinar to his personal chamber for a liaison and it was after this that Rosha/Jolinar made their escape, taking Bynarr's access key to a ring transporter after he had fallen asleep. Afterwards, Sokar disfigured Bynarr for his indiscretion.

Martouf/Lantash recruited SG-1 to infiltrate Netu to rescue Jacob Carter/Selmak. They were hoping that Maj. Samantha Carter still had some of the left-over memories of Jolinar and would remember how Jolinar escaped. Upon their arrival at Netu, Carter asked for Bynarr by name. Bynarr was thrilled to have Jolinar back because he wished to kill her as revenge for what Sokar did to him. Ironically, Bynarr was killed by Apophis, going by the alias Na'onak, just as Bynarr was raising his hand to kill Carter with his hand device (ribbon device).


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