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SG-1 meets with K'tano at Cal Mah


Cal Mah, the Goa'uld word meaning "sanctuary" was the location where the rebel Jaffa set up their headquarters, led by the charismatic K'tano in the episode 5.18 "The Warrior".


  • Names and Designations: Cal Mah / Kal Mah
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: One
  • Source of Address: Rebel Jaffa
  • Introduced in Episode: 5.18 "The Warrior"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: temporary Jaffa settlement
  • Main Interest: rebel Jaffa camp
  • Influenced/Dominated by: K'tano
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

Cal Mah was a hilly world with various vegetation. Several of the Jaffa who had decided the Goa'uld were false took refuge there with their families. They came to be led by the charismatic K'tano, former first prime of the Goa'uld Imhotep before he reportedly slayed the false god. He gave a riveting speech declaring until they found peace in the eternal Kheb, they would find sanctuary here at "Cal Mah" (the word for sanctuary in the Goa'uld language).

Bra'tac brought Teal'c to Cal Mah to hear K'tano speak. Both were convinced K'tano was the leader they needed for their rebellion to succeed. They convinced the SGC to offer an alliance with K'tano, including food, medicines, and weaponry. K'tano welcomed their assistance, even the "primitive" Tau'ri weapons after Major Carter demonstrated their advantages over staff weapons.

SG-1 went on a raid with K'tano's men to one of Nirrti's planets and obtained weapons grade naquadah. However, O'Neill became unnerved at K'tano's suicidal methods and control over the rebel Jaffa. The differences between the Jaffa and the Tau'ri were striking, especially when a group of Jaffa were sent on a suicide bombing mission by K'tano.

O'Neill decided there would be no alliance and SG-1 prepared to leave. However, Teal'c was still convinced in K'tano's methods and abilities. He decided to remain, and K'tano "rewarded" him by having him lead a bold mission. An attack on one of Lord Yu's planet. As K'tano explained, forces loyal to him were already launching a mutiny on one of Yu's ha'taks. That mothership would be the first of a fleet made available to the rebel Jaffa army.

The mission was doomed to failure. Teal'c was captured, and Lord Yu explained not only did the coup aboard his vessel not succeed, K'tano was not what he appeared to be.

Driven by betrayal and anger, Teal'c rushed back to the camp and demanded joma secu, in other words a challenge of K'tano's leadership–ritual battle to the death. Teal'c succeeded, and K'tano was revealed to be Imhotep himself. The victory was short lived. Yu's forces began to bombard Cal Mah with death glider and al'kesh fire. Sanctuary no more, the rebel Jaffa were evacuated through the Stargate by SG-1.


K'tano announces Sanctuary
Carter demonstrates P-90
Teal'c and K'tano in Joma Secu


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