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Anthropology is the study of all aspects of human life and culture, and examines such topics as how people live, what they think, what they produce, and how they interact with their environments. Anthropologists try to understand the full range of human diversity as well as what all people share in common.

Anthropologists ask such basic questions as: When, where, and how did humans evolve? How do people adapt to different environments? How have societies developed and changed from the ancient past to the present? Answers to these questions can help us understand what it means to be human. They can also help us to learn ways to meet the present-day needs of people all over the world and to plan how we might live in the future. (MSN Encarta Online Encyclopedia).

The SGC assigns anthropologists to SG teams which have extensive contact with the natives of planets they visit through the stargate. These scientists may be either military or civilian. One of Dr. Daniel Jackson's Ph.D.'s is in Anthropology.

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