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Dr. Lindsay


Dr. Lindsay is an anthropologist with the SGC. She was one of the candidates who interviewed to become a new member of SG-1, and tried to impressive Colonel Mitchell with her extensive linguistic resume, even translating any statement he made into Ancient (9.01 "Avalon Part 1").

Lindsay was sent by the SGC to help the humans of P3X-421 become self-sufficient after being the slaves of a Goa'uld who is now vanquished. While she was on the planet, the first Prior of the Ori in the Milky Way Galaxy came through the Stargate wishing to tell the people of Origin and its Path to Enlightenment. Dr. Lindsay reported this Prior to the SGC and Col. Mitchell was sent along with SG-12 to determine what type of threat he posed through his performing of miracles in an attempt to promote his gods. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

Lindsay later joined the Atlantis expedition (2.17 Stargate Atlantis: "Coup d'Etat"). She spent several months with people on one of the moons of the Pegasus galaxy, explaining more efficient farming and fishing methods. Various SGA teams rotated to escort her on her weekly missions. When Major Lorne's team was present, Lindsay was tricked by one of the villagers, away from the group. She heard gunfire and Lorne ordered her by radio to get to the Stargate and call for backup. She believed Lorne and his men were burnt to death. The experience was a great shock to her, and she was still very upset by the events while being debriefed later.


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