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The Asgard were a race of alien beings friendly to Earth. They lived in another galaxy, although they kept starship patrols in Earth's galaxy.

The Goa'uld feared the Asgard's superior technology and firepower, and this fear, rather than the Asgard's sheer numbers, kept the Goa'uld in check. The Asgard's admiration of the Tau'ri led them to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty which they had with the Goa'uld System Lords.

For a long time, their own distant galaxy was being threatened by the relentless Replicators. The war with the Replicators drew the Asgard's attention more toward this struggle than maintaining the balance of power in Earth's galaxy, and after the Replicators were defeated, the Asgard were left with picking up what little remained of their civilization. However, they still kept a presence in the Milky Way and had even assigned their engineering specialists to assist Earth in the building, maintaining, and operating of Earth-built spaceships which are enhanced with Asgard technology, namely the Daedalus-Class Ships.

Unfortunately, due to their mistakes in their cloning efforts, they doomed their race to death from a terrible progressive disease. Rather than risk that their vast knowledge and advanced technology end with their race, the Asgard High Council decided to give everything they knew and had to those of the Stargate Program who had helped them in their fight against the Replicators. After installing the Asgard Computer Core into the starship Odyssey as part of their legacy, the Asgard ended their own existence by blowing their homeworld apart.

Not all Asgard died that day, however; a faction consisting of those who sanctioned the experimentation on humans to further the research into the solution of the Asgard's cloning problem left their home galaxy and went to Pegasus 10,000 years ago. They were strongly affected by the Ancient-Wraith War, but managed to survive into the present.