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Colson Industries' Asgard


Biovail, a Colson Industries' biotech research company, cloned the DNA of an Asgard, in the episode, 8.08 "Covenant".

Character Biography

Biovail was awarded a contract to sequence the DNA of the Asgard in a project designed by the SGC to help the Asgard with their cloning problems (revealed in the episode, 5.22 "Revelations"). The company went further than their contract specified and actually created a being from the DNA. Colson's Asgard had no intelligence and it took a long time to teach the shell of a being how to walk. Alec Colson attempted to use this clone on international television to disclose the existence of alien life, but with the help of Thor of the Asgard, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter was able to discredit him in an interview on television by demonstrating holographic technology she claimed that the U.S. Air Force was developing. Thor actually used his Asgard holographic technology in this interview and acted like he was an engineered projection by speaking as if he was not as intelligent as he really is.

After finding the location of the clone and all the laboratory equipment and research materials, Thor beamed them up and sent Colson's Asgard to the Asgard's new homeworld where he would get the consciousness of another Asgard whose body was failing. As it turns out, the Asgard have engineered their clones to have no "soul" so that no new life is destroyed when a consciousness is downloaded into them.


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