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Asgard Penegal


Penegal, of the Asgard High Council, coordinated the relocation efforts of the Asgard to their new homeworld, Orilla, after the Replicators had destroyed their former one. He kept in contact with Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, concerning the pending attack of the Replicators until their communications link failed. Thor's relief was evident once communications were restored. With the help of Jack O'Neill's designing of a disruptor gun from information he obtained through the Ancient download, Thor was able to design a weapon that would emit a larger version of the gun's power from his new ship, the Daniel Jackson. Orilla was saved, but some of the Replicators got away, namely, the Human Form Replicator Fifth and his new companion, a Human Form Replicator in the image of Samantha Carter. (8.02 "New Order Part 2")

A few years later, the Asgard committed mass suicide when they determined that their thousands of years of cloning had doomed them to a debilitating and deadly disease. They gifted their knowledge and technology to the SGC, declaring them as "The Fifth Race" (the other four were the Ancients, Nox, Furlings, and Asgard). (10.20 "Unending")


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